Adjustable DIY Garage Storage

The trouble with garage storage solutions is that your needs are always changing. To solve that problem, you need movable cleats. Starting with a shelf, this Hometalker fixed a strip of wood to the underside as a runner. Two hooks were then fashioned out of wood and screwed into the runner. To allow movement and hold the shelf in place, ridges were cut into the hooks. Finally, a rail was screwed into the wall and the shelf was hung in place. Get tutorial here

Overhead Garage Storage

When you can’t go low, go high with this overhead garage storage solution. To replicate this project, start by building a frame using 2x3 boards, 1 ½" pocket-holes and 2 ½" pocket-hole screws. Next, screw a ledger into the wall. A ceiling board is then installed. Then, rest the frame on the ledger and screw into the wall using 3" screws. Finally, attach the vertical supports to the ceiling board and frame. Insert the shelves and you’re finished! Get tutorial here

Garage Storage Solutions: IKEA Hack

IKEA has some fantastic units. However, with this hack, you can add even more storage space to your garage. Taking any shelving unit like the IKEA IVAR, pegboards can instantly increase your storage capacity. Fitting them to either side of the unit, you can then use pegboard hooks or simple wooden dowels to hang your tools. Finally, shelf inserts can be placed onto the existing shelves to give you even more storage space. Get tutorial here

Garage Storage for Your Garden Tools

For a simple yet naturally stylish way to store your garden tools, we can’t think of a better way than this. Taking a 2-meter-long pallet, Carole removed the top plank and screwed it into an empty space on her garage wall. The natural structure of the pallet meant there were three distinct sections she could use to group her tools. What’s more, the natural wood finish means she doesn’t have to worry about dirt or sharp implements ruining the façade of the unit. Get tutorial here

Ingenious 5-in-1 Garage Storage Unit

Why have just one DIY garage storage unit when you can have five! Needing a place to store a toy car, these Hometalkers came up with this ingenious storage unit. After building an open box using brad nails and L brackets, a back and casters were screwed in place. Next, a piano hinge was used to add a front door. Finally, two frames (made using 2x4 planks) were screwed to the top of the box. To finish, a side-hook was added for extra storage. Get tutorial here

Perfect Power Tools Garage Storage

An old pallet can be transformed into the perfect tool storage unit with these tips from Funky Junk Interiors. Flipping a pallet onto its end, this Hometalker cut a flat board to size and nailed it into the pallet’s central support beam. From there, she made a simple three-sided cabinet and nailed it to the underside of a second shelf. Once fixed, the shelf was nailed to the pallet’s side supports. Two antique drain covers were added for decoration, and the unit was complete. Get tutorial here

Marvelous Metal Pegboard Storage Solution

A pegboard is a great way to store your tools in a way that suits you. After purchasing this metal pegboard from a local hardware supplier, Mother Daughter Projects found their levels using a laser. From there, they used a magnetic stud finder so they could screw into the studs (if you can’t, use drywall anchors). After drilling pilot holes, they screwed the panels in place and arranged the pegs according to their needs. Simple! Get tutorial here

Garage Storage Solution for Small Spaces

Need storage in a small space? It's not a problem with this solution from Engineer Your Space. To get this fantastic door storage, all you need is three strips of softwood and some aluminium hangers. Cutting one strip into six, construct a ladder-like structure using the two uncut strips as side supports. Nail together before bending two 5x7 aluminium flashing sheets into hooks. Finally, screw the hooks into the top beam and hang on your door. Perfect! Get tutorial here

Show-off with this Garage Storage Display Rack

Don’t just store your possession, show them off with this DIY garage storage solution. In making this baseball bat display shelf, Jeremy Hoffpauir needed the right sized timber. To ensure the bats didn’t touch, he marked and drilled holes just over the width of each barrel (the thick end of the bat). From here, each hole needed to be 1.25" wide to accommodate the handles. Once the holes were drilled, a jigsaw was used to cut into them so the bats could be slid in and out. Get tutorial here

Wonderful Wire Shelving that Works in Your Garage

Not all DIY garage storage projects have to involve wood. Using the closet-maid wire rack, Cindy Platt Hanlon was able to install a fully customizable unit. The beauty of using racks is that you only have to screw the hanging strips in place. Once you’ve done that, you can set the wire shelves to your desired heights. In this example, Cindy combined high storage with lower levels that can be used as a computer desk. Get tutorial here

The Best Way to Store Your Garage Storage Materials

When your DIY garage storage project is complete, what do you do with the leftovers? Simple, build some more storage…This neat project took a simple plywood board and raised it approximately 2" using four strips of wood. Once glued and nailed into the board, four holes were drilled into a 2x4 plank. Dowels were glued into the holes and the plank was screwed into place at an angle. For additional storage, a plywood box was attached to casters to create a portable unit. Get tutorial here