Ikea Workbench Hack

Ashley Carnes
by Ashley Carnes
3 Hours

One year into DIY and I decided it was time to make myself a workbench. I searched high and low for plans, researched height, depth and width of standard workbenches and tried to decide on what material I wanted. After my search I had seen that many workbenches had laminate tops and what better place to buy that than Ikea! So I decided to plan my workbench build off of the 25 5/8″ x 73″ countertop from Ikea. I’m so excited to share with you how this turned out and if you end up using these plans please send a comment or take me on Instagram!!


(6) 2x4x8′ boards

24″ x 6′ glued edge pine board

Ikea Saljan countertop 74″ x 25 5/8″

1.25″ wood screws

2.5″ wood screws

2.5″ pocket hole screws

Wood glue

Miter saw

Pocket hole jig

Drill and bits

1″ L Bracket

Cut list:

4- 2×4 @ 30″

4- 2×4@ 21 5/8″

4- 2×4 @ 57″

Glued edge pine board @ 21 5/8″x 60

Step 1:

Make all of the cuts per the cut list above

Step 2:

Drill Pocket holes into the ends of each of the 57″ pieces

Step 3:

Screw together 2 of the 21 5/8″ and 2 of the 57″ pieces to create a frame. Repeat this process one more time until you have 2 of these frames.

Step 4:

Predrill the holes and attach the four 30″ 2×4 legs with 2.5″ screws to the frames. One frame will be at the top of the legs. One frame will be 4″ from the bottom of the frame.

Step 5:

Attach the bottom shelf with 1.25″ wood screws.

Step 6:

Attach the countertop with 1″ L brackets.

Step 7:

Optionally attach casters to the bottom of the legs.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed these plans!

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  • William William on Feb 08, 2022

    Good looking workbench. Great plans and simple instructions. I like to use hollow core doors for tops. I pick up a lot that people throw out. Also use them for desk tops. Even new ones cost less than a laminated countertop

    • Ashley Carnes Ashley Carnes on Feb 08, 2022

      Thank you! I will have to try to use a door one time. Such a good idea!

  • Raj Raj on Aug 01, 2023

    Good tabl work. Beautiful plan.