Stone Cross

3 Materials
2 Hours

I made this stone cross with mini wooden blocks and river rocks. I first had to build the base out of the wooden blocks then I built the cross and hot glued the pieces together with E6000 and hot glue.

I used about 4 and a half boxes of the tumbling blocks.

The blocks are sold in boxes of all natural colored wood and a multi colored box that has the natural wood blocks and brown blocks.

To make the side arms of the cross I hot glued together 8 sets of three blocks glued side by side. Then I piled 4 of the sets of three on top of each other twice so I had two stacks of 4 which ended up looking like two rubix cubes.

To make the center length bar of the cross I hot glued together 13 blocks side by side. I made 4 sets. In the end I stacked the 4 sets of 13 blocks on top of each other with E6000 and hot glue and then attached the two side pieces to it which made my cross.

I used bags of rocks from the dollar tree to cover the frame of my cross I used 4-5 bags.

I kept hot gluing rocks all over the entire cross til you could not longer see any parts of the wooden frame. For the base I glue my cross on was compiled of 4 sets of 6 blocks glued side by side. Then I glued two sets of the 6 glued block on top of each other ending with two sets 12 all together which I hot glued side by side which formed a large double decker square that I hot glued my cross to the center of.

The base my cross stood upon is the only part I did not hot glue rocks on I left it plain. It made the cross stand out more. I was going to paint the base but in the end decided to leave it natural.

In the end I think it makes a powerful statement on my coffee table for the Easter season. It was a time consuming tedious project but none the less difficult for anyone to do with a little time and patience.

Suggested materials:
  • Tumbling blocks   (dollar tree)
  • Rocks   (dollar tree)
  • E6000   (dollar tree)
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