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Painting a room, kitchen cabinets, or an item of furniture? Before you pick up a paintbrush, you might want to read this post... I've painted a-plenty this year! But the last time I'd checked out any of the online visualizers, all I could do was change the colors in their sample rooms. It's hard to imagine your furniture and accessories with their colors. And even so, the colors on the inspiration walls had a flat quality to them...no light, no shadows...no dimension.

Now, I'm not sure when the big change happened, and maybe I'm just the last one at the party, but FINALLY, you can upload your OWN rooms and start playing with color... and NOT JUST ON YOUR WALLS OR CEILINGS...(which in itself is wonderful). Using the selection tools, you can ALSO rethink upholstery, pillows, window treatments...your entire room!

I think this could be my new addiction. There are links to most of the major paint vendor sites on my blog, and many use the ColorSnap tool shown here. There are full tutorials on each site, but briefly: Choose the "Paint a Scene" tab.

Select the "My Photos" option and upload your photo.

Use the selector tools to identify your different surfaces. This takes a little finessing when you're filling in around lamps/furniture or selecting a smaller item like a throw pillow, etc., but there are four tools to use to select your item or area. Save your surfaces/results and start selecting colors.

But DON'T STOP AT THE WALLS! Heck, it's so easy to use you can even update your pillows! OR select an item of furniture you're thinking of painting for a sneak peek! I even virtually madeover MY recent makeover project. (So THAT's what it would've looked like in blue!)

For links to most of the major paint vendor sites, visit me at

and recolor your entire room before spending a dime.

Check out the post for the website links: https://dustanddoghair.com/hackapaintvisualizer

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  • Leesa Osborne Leesa Osborne on Oct 15, 2019

    I’ve been looking for one of these apps for my iPhone for over a year. What’s the app called?

  • Beth Dawn Beth Dawn on Dec 06, 2019

    I clicked on the link it says 404 page cannot be found. Is the app you used called ColorSnap or is it something else? I’m making a vanity and can’t decide on a color it would be really helpful to know what app you used to do what you mentioned in your article

  • Paulisa Fields Paulisa Fields on Mar 14, 2020

    So where is this app that will let you change the color of your furniture, curtains, walls? Someone please enlighten me, as I've been searching and downloading apps for months...cant find anything ? Thanks!

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  • Laura Gonzales Laura Gonzales on Jun 18, 2020

    color snap sucks for changing the color of your furniture. It is not as easy as you claim.

  • I’m sorry you had trouble with it. I use it all the time. It does take a little finessing, but it’s way easier than painting something a second time because you didn’t like it.