Old Workbench in the Kitchen?

by Roni
My husband and I were in our basement, like we were thousands of times before, when all of a sudden it hit us....this old dusty, spider web covered, diamond in the rough workbench would be awesome in our kitchen/pantry area for storage.
This old beauty has lots of potential with it's thick beat up top and storage area underneath.
Gotta love the metal crates it's sitting on... I'll figure out something to do with those too! lol Ok, time to get this baby upstairs to the workshop! :)
So here she is in the workshop...that was no easy task getting her up from the basement! The top on it is so thick and heavy! The boards on the back were taken off and the doors for now. A new base was added and at the moment it's screwed to a dolley so it's easy to move around. Eventually it will get wheels too! I think all furniture should have wheels! lol
Looking better already! The vice was taken off to get cleaned up a bit. There are 3 long rods with nuts and bolts holding together the boards on the top. They were a little loose so my husband decided to add thicker ones to hold it together better. The top was already sanded off too....going to be gorgeous!
I thought it would be nice to have a couple of drawers and these old sewing machine drawers would be perfect for it! I love old sewing machine drawers!!!! These are my last 2 in the stash...I'll have to search for some more!
The back needed new boards because the old backing was reallly bad. Not a problem though....got these boards from our pallet wood stash! :)
So she's flipped over and the back is finished. All of the new wood is painted, underneath too! New wheels are on and I love them! :)
I decided I wanted my hubby to build an "attached crate" so I can keep all of my magazines and cookbooks. I think it looks amazing!!!! He built that using old pallet wood too...the handle part are the boards on the bottom of the pallet. On the other side hubby will add a shelf for me. It's getting there....getting excited now!!! :) What do you think of my new drawers? I love them!!! Next up is painting and adding some handles.
So here she is finished. This obvioously is the back view. The new shelf is awesome too! See the wire coming out of the bottom? That's for an outlet I wanted on the counter top.
Here she is finished and in her new home! I am beyond happy about how she turned out! Notice the valve handles? They are both different and also different sizes but I think they're perfect!

There are so many other pictures along the way that I couldn't post. You should head over to our page and check out the album of all of the pictures from start to finish.

Thanks for looking!
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