Repainting Masonite Siding

Les and Gina
by Les and Gina
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We have a mobile home that has masonite siding. The siding is still in good SOLID shape no soft spots or holes so we decided to paint it. This is how we repaint the siding step by step.
Step 1: Power wash the house. We have a few people ask us why do you power wash a house before you paint and the simple answer is would you repaint a dirty car? After you power wash it let it dry a day and take a paint scraper to knock down the high points.
Step 2: Tape and plastic up all windows, doors, and anything else you don't want paint to get on.
Step 3: OIL base primer paint. You can roll on or spray on an oil base primer
Step 4: after you roll or spray on the oil base primer take a brush and really work it into the wood.
Step 5: Wait at least 5 to 7 days before you top coat it. The average life span for a paint job on masonite is 5 to 7 years but we have had it last up to 15 years if you do your prep work and take your time.
Suggested materials:
  • Power washer   (you can rent it)
  • Paint scaper   (menards or walmart)
  • Zinnser oil base primer   (menards)
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