How to Paint Exteriors

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Paint Exteriors with Ease

Keep track of the weather

Make sure to start painting in a typically dry season, as paint requires time to dry. Avoid humidity as well.

The quality of the paint matters

When painting the exterior of your home, it’s better to splurge on high-quality paint for easier maintenance.

Rid the walls of anything rotting

Exposure to the elements can lead to rotting in materials. Remove these before you paint and save yourself the hassle later on.

Speed up the painting process

Use a paint sprayer when painting exteriors to make it easier to cover surfaces with paint quickly.

Add traction to surfaces

Painted porches and steps can be slippery; after painting, grind them with fine sand to provide traction.

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How to Stain Wood (It's Easy, for Beginners)

This is a really great technique you can use to add a splash of color to your wood projects. If you're already working with pine, you know it's the most inexpensive lumber you can use. Well, I'll show you how easy it is to make your work, decor and patio crafts pop with stains. Check out the video for inspiration and read on to find out how to stain wood.

How to Distress Painted Furniture (2 EASY Techniques)

In this HT tutorial, I show you how to distress painted wood furniture using 2 easy distressing techniques.

Homemade Eco Wood Stain

I had made a previous post where I used a natural stain that made fresh wood look like barn wood and there were a lot of questions about the stain so I thought I would do a post on how to make your own stain from items found in your kitchen. I went out to look for a cheap wood table to use for my tutorial, i really wanted to illustrate what difference a good stain could make to a simple pine table. I wasn’t able to find any in the stores that would work so I quickly whipped one up the other night. The video is about wood staining but I threw in the pictures about how I made the table for anyone interested in making one themselves Building the Table: Step 1: Gather your supplies

Turning Concrete Floors Into Faux Wood With PAINT!!!

If you have a boring concrete floor and would like to add a little personality and charm - I have the answer for you!!! See how fast you can transform your concrete floor!!!

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