Make Your Garage Door Look Like It Costs Thousands— With Paint

2 Hours
I’ve seen tons of people doing garage door makeovers and I had to try my hand at it! It turned out to be painless and very economical. If you’re like me, you’ve got a Plain Jane garage that needs a serious facelift!
Start off by cleaning your garage door, because these things get grimy! Once it’s all shiny and new-looking, grab your painter’s tape. 

I laid my painter's tape in straight lines along the top boxes of my garage door. It’s actually very simple once you see the process in the video. I made the style of windows I like most, but, as you can see from the technique, it would work perfectly well if you decided to try a different window style as well. 

Once all of my “windows” were laid out, I grabbed my black paint and put down a heavy coat within each of my taped-up squares. 

Doesn’t it look like magic as you watch the tape pulled away? It’s crazy what a few squares of paint can do for your old garage door. All my neighbors think I got a brand-new door, but they would be shocked if they knew how inexpensive this whole makeover was.
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  • Bonnie Bonnie on May 16, 2020

    What type of hardware did you add here?

  • Kathy Kovacev Kathy Kovacev on Jan 07, 2021

    I've got your idea, but where is the finishing product? Picture worth thousand words, but I love the idea.

  • Truly Truly on Jun 12, 2022

    What was the final product? What does your garage door look like?

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