How to Paint Rooms

Are you interested in painting a room in your house and not sure where to get started? We will get you started here with all the hacks you'll need to know. Be inspired by new projects, join the discussion board, and ask a question. You can even check out a slideshow on room painting. You got this. Happy painting!

Paint a Room Like a Pro
Protect the room from paint
Cover anything you don't want to get paint on, such as furniture and the floor. Use a plastic sheet, a canvas drop cloth, or both.
Prep the walls for the new paint
Use a trisodium phosphate cleaner and clean the walls with a sponge to rid it of any dirt.
Don’t run out of paint
One gallon of paint will cover approximately 400 sq ft. Measure the room to figure out how much paint you’ll need for the entire room.
Strain your paint
No one wants to see small chunks or strands of hard paint on their wall. Strain your paint before you begin to prevent this.
Work from the top down
Start by painting the ceiling before moving onto the walls. Finally, finish by painting the trim.
Top DIY Room Painting Projects

Are you painting a room in your house? Here are the top room painting projects.

Room Painting Videos

Watch DIY room painting videos to get some direction for your own project.

How to Distress and Finish Wood Beams in 3 Steps

Wood beams add a great design element to any room. Ceiling design is a perfect addition to add in a room that needs some pizazz or elevated design. They are also super versatile to different styles. They can compliment mid century modern, French country, traditional, modern farmhouse, etc. In this post we are going to show you how to beautifully finish wood beams using pine.

A Paint Expert Shares Her Secrets to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like

Learn how to transform you kitchen and bath cabinetry in a few coats of paint, using our amazing, All IN ONE, Heritage Collection,NO PREP, NO PRIME, NO WAX, Paints!This easy to use, Low VOC's, water based paint is like No Othe Paint! it is self leveling and dries to a beautiful, low luster matte, durable finish with requiring a top coat or sealer! You can virtually paint your kitchen, furniture, etc. in a couple of coats of paint. Never has this simple paint process been possible until NOW! Get the Chalk Style look and soft,velvety feel of a hand rubbed and timeless beauty seen on Pinterest using this product. In addition to the Heritage Collection Paints we offer:Our Antiquing Gel Medium is also available to age and distress the finish, if you so desire. This product will enhance the look and add dimension to details of your finished piece. The product is easy to work with and has a 12 hour open time, allowing you time to accomplish your desired look. 12 colors to choose from as well as Cabinet Kits and Furniture Kits, all at a great value, including our Syntec Chalk Painting Brush! Products are sold online and participating Do It Best retailers nation wide. See our map to find a local retailer displaying the Heritage Collection products near you TODAY!

Simple Ideas to Distress Wood - Get Worm Holes, Wire Brush, Etc!

Distressing is "in" right now! Farmhouse, shabby chic and even modern styles of design are incorporating distressing of wood into the style of a room. This short 5-minute video will demonstrate how to distress wood for finishing using simple tools you can make or inexpensive things to buy!Techniques include creating worm holes, wire brushing and other distressing forms for wood. Distressing is a popular technique used in Restoration Hardware furniture and other exclusive brands.

How to Stencil Textured Walls With Embossing Roller & Gold Leaf

Nothing gets us going like some stenciled style and creativity! With stencils, the sky is the limit and the wall is your canvas to create, mix, and layer to your fancy. You can even use a variety of wall finishes to create one magnificent look! Here’s one that we’d love to show you how to do yourself: Customize your wall treatments the affordable way, with rich texture painted any color you like and gilded pattern accents. Click play and watch this DIY stencil tutorial to see how to create this wall finish using Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils, embossing rollers, and gold leaf…

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