Victorian Dinning Room Makeover - Ceiling Medallion

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Having been painted blue for over 20 years, a complete makeover was long over due. In restoring this room back to 1880s' style, blue needed to remain due to the fireplace tiles on the surround, which were original to the home. We used blue as an accent and let another color take center stage for the glazed walls. The Plaster ceiling medallion was given a colorful treatment taken from the colors in various stained glass throughout. The remaining segments of this project will be posted later.
Original ceiling medallion, very ornate.
The plain solid blue coloring hides all the gorgeous details that went into the crafting of this 1880's plaster medallion.
Work started from the center out
I applied a light coat of white primer. Doing so would give us a true sense of color with 1 to 2 coats of the new paint.
Additonal color placement.
Because a good portion of the design on this medallion became apparent only during the work, color placement was adjusted as the work progressed. A lot of the design was intertwined, which was not viewable with the solid blue color the medallion had. I worked with 1/4 of the panel until placement and colors were finalized.
Glazes and Highlights.
Some areas were given a shear color glaze over the paint, others were hand shaded and highlighted. The medallion has quite a few coats of paint on it over the years. Since cracks and chips were stable we did not do anything but wash and prime to prep.
Finsihed medallion
Completed Medallion.
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  • Jean Pheasant Jean Pheasant on Oct 21, 2018

    Can this be done with a plastic medallion? Any ideas please?

  • Suzanne Novoselac Suzanne Novoselac on Mar 26, 2019

    I'm wondering how long it took you to do this project? Did you have a scaffold to stand on? Your arm and neck must have been killing you doing this...a real labor of love, and I admire your artistry.

  • Shawna Farmer Shawna Farmer on Jul 28, 2021

    Just beautiful, did u restore this in a church ?

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