A stylish kitchen island

Turn your typical TV cabinet into a functional, stylish kitchen island. Get tutorial here

A sporty bedside table

Upcycle your small TV cabinet into the perfect bedtime table with extra storage. Get tutorial here

This French-country inspired armoire

Stack a detailed TV cabinet stand atop a coffee table, and paint them a light color for a lovely, French Country-inspired armoire. Get tutorial here

This chippy kitchen cabinet

Lighten and brighten your TV cabinet while keeping its glorious storage by turning it into a gorgeous piece of kitchen furniture. Get tutorial here

A fun, organized craft hutch

Convert your TV unit into a fun craft hutch to neatly store your supplies. Get tutorial here

This pretty china cabinet

Paint and stencil a TV cabinet to create a pretty, little china cabinet for your home. Get tutorial here

A horizontal media center

Flip your TV cabinet on its side to create a horizontal media center. Get tutorial here

This awesome rustic cabinet

Give your cabinet a rustic farmhouse look using chicken wire and dry brushed paint. Get tutorial here

A bright coffee bar

Create a bright coffee bar that is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

This convenient toy storage cabinet

Solve your lack of toy storage with a beautiful, bleached toy cabinet made from a TV armoire. Get tutorial here