Asked on Jan 05, 2018

Why is the paint peeling off all of my interior doors?

We bought our house 2 years ago, it was built in the early nineties. I think the previous owner re-painted all of the doors a "whiter" glossy paint. The paint just flakes off with the scrap of a finger nail! I tried sanding but it is difficult removing from all of the grooves. What can I do? If I repaint will it continue to flake?

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  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 05, 2018

    Sounds like someone painted latex over old oil-based paint or vice versa. You will have to give it a light sand to even out the texture, and then give them a coat of bonding primer like Kilz Adhesion or Glidden Gripper before painting with your latex.

  • Judy Judy on Jan 05, 2018

    Perhaps it is the type of stain that the other person used. Ask someone at a paint sore, or stain dept., for help. I know some brands are very good, tho it depends too, on your climate, and humidity and heat in the seasons. Best wishes, J.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 05, 2018

    It might have been painted in latex paint over enamel based paint, without the proper prep work - it will cause peeling. If you can sand it off, prime with Kilz, and repaint with latex or enamel (as long as you use the same type of primer and paint).

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jan 05, 2018

    Hi Kimberlee,

    I think it is because the previous owner didn't use a primer but just painted the door. I know I used to do that - especially when the paint underneath was the same color. Now I know better but others may not. So actually both Sharon & Judy are right. Depending on your climate, the moisture could be getting in and that could cause the paint to chip. Sharon's solution to use a bonding primer is right on so I would take her advice to repaint your doors. Wishing you the best.

  • Robb Robb on Jan 06, 2018

    I agree with previous comments, but wanted to add something I just learned about repainting walls... it you use semi-gloss over semi-gloss it will not adhere! You must use a flat primer first OR make your second coat a satin finish.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jan 06, 2018

    Looks like maybe they didn't prime it properly before painting. I would sand it down lightly, put a couple of coats of primer on it, then a couple of coats of paint. make sure you do this when it's warm and not freezing outside.

  • Vic12849866 Vic12849866 on Jan 06, 2018

    I have used semi gloss latex paint over semi gloss latex paint on walls with no problems. Just make sure your walls are clean and grease free.

    • Jason Phillips Jason Phillips on Jun 25, 2019

      Sure you can use semigloss on walls, without prepping with primer first, because walls are usually drywall/sheetrock. Paint adheres well to drywall. The question was about doors or wood.

      As long as you get all that old semi-gloss paint off the door first and you have a rough surface to apply the new paint, you should be fine. However, humidity also has a lot to do with it. It’s best to paint inside in an air conditioned area.

  • Susan Vinales Susan Vinales on Jan 06, 2018

    They probably used a a latex based paint over an oil based paint. I did the same goofy thing! The only solution is to strip off the paint or sand it.