Asked on Mar 05, 2016

How to lighten up gray wall in the kitchen

by Bella
Three of four kitchen walls were painted dark gray. There are white cabinets and a backsplash will cover two of the three gray walls. That leaves one dark gray wall exposed together with a fourth wall that is a lighter shade of gray. How can I lighten the darker wall so that a navy blue island will be the dominating focal point of the kitchen?
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  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Mar 06, 2016
    I'd paint the island white to match the cabinets, and use the dark background of the wall for some bright artwork.
  • Ranger Ranger on Mar 06, 2016
    Are you able to provide pictures - easier to offer suggestions. :)
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    • Cathy Wilcocks Cathy Wilcocks on Mar 16, 2020

      yes I can offer pictures I'm going to paint my kitchen a light gray and I'm thinking about accenting one wall with a little bit darker gray wondering how that would look

  • Shari Shari on Mar 06, 2016
    What am I missing here? I'm confused! If the walls were painted before, why can't you repaint the wall(s) a lighter color?
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    • Shari Shari on Mar 08, 2016
      @Bella The photos help tremendously! On the one hand, I do agree with the others that once your cabinets, appliances, backsplash etc. all go in, they will "dilute" the appearance of the dark paint. But will it be enough? On the other hand, it is clear that you are putting a lot of time and money into this renovation so I have to ask, if you aren't happy with the paint color, why settle when paint is the cheapest and easiest thing to change? You should be able to walk into your new kitchen and say, with a smile on your face, "I LOVE my new, BEAUTIFUL kitchen!" not, "Gosh, I HATE that dark gray paint!" Although you have paid someone to paint this for you the first time around, painting is an easy DIY project most people can handle themselves. I'm assuming if you are thinking of sponge painting as a *fix*, you are capable of repainting also. And as far as sponge painting ... I would not. Again, it sounds like your kitchen is going to be first-rate -- modern and current -- so why settle on a look that was from a different decorating decade? Sponge painting isn't a look you typically see in today's beautiful modern kitchens. Truthfully, I also believe it will take you just as long (if not longer) to sponge paint as it would to entirely repaint the darker walls. And finally, one last thought...if you want your navy island to be the focal point, I think all the walls probably should have been the lighter gray. Personally, I would consider the dark gray walls a decorating mistake (Hey, it happens! I repainted my living room 3 times in 5 years trying to get the color right!) To make the navy island really stand out, I'd repaint the the dark gray walls in the lighter gray you have used on the laundry/desk wall and in the nook. Just my 2 cents...for what it's worth. :)
  • Cathy Cathy on Mar 06, 2016
    I would repaint those 2 walls with the same color so they match---easy fix---and then you can choose what color you want them to be that way.
  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on Mar 06, 2016
    What about a karge chalkboard in the same blue and framed in white molding?
  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Mar 06, 2016
    I would leave it the way it is until you are finished your reno. You may find you love it. All the white may very well be light enough. We have one dark grey wall in the kitchen and the same grey used on all bathroom walls. Whatever you do- no sponge painting. This is a modern kitchen, sponge painting went out years ago.
    • Bella Bella on Mar 06, 2016
      @Julies1949 Thank you so much. I will definitely consider your suggestion - to wait until all reno is complete. I forgot to mention we will eventually add tile. The tile will have white shades with a tint of grey on out to some dark grey shades. I appreciate your time and comments.
  • 861650 861650 on Mar 06, 2016
    Don't paint anything yet. Check out, grey rooms here on Hometalk. Google, "decorating with grey walls." In addition, there are stencils for walls from country to contemporary and you could use white paint and create something you love. I assume you have left-over grey paint? You do not have to "fill-up" the wall(s). Place your furniture in the room first then you can get a better feeling on what you need and where.
    • Bella Bella on Mar 06, 2016
      @Karen Criner I appreciate you referring me to research other ideas on "Hometalk". This is my very first visit and it has been very helpful. I will definitely wait until the cabinets, appliances, furniture, and some wall décor before making any changes on the paint. Thank you so much for your time and comments.
  • Barb Barb on Mar 07, 2016
    If it's too dark you can get a lighter color, mix glaze with it and do a texture type wall. Something like this maybe: I've done a technique similar to this a few time. It add dimension to the wall.