A "Tie-Dye for" Set of Barstools!

Abbie Lummus
by Abbie Lummus
3-4 Days
I'm back with another tutorial, but this time it a set of "Tie-Dye for" Barstools! If you would like to learn how to go from a set of Plain Jane Barstools, to a set of "Tie-Dye for" Barstools then please, continue reading!
To begin, you will need a set of barstools. Mine were $20 for the set of plain white stools, which I then began my experimentation on how to liven them up a bit! The next step is to sand off the tops down to their bare wood.
Now that you have used your Handheld Electric Sander, and have a complete bare wood slate to begin the fun stuff! Though it is fun, now you need to research on the original Unicorn SPiT Tie-Dye Stain Press Technique, which many tutorials can be found on this technique in the Unicorn SPiT Facebook page and many of your questions can be answered.
Now comes the real fun part! You will place the colors on the top in a spiral pattern, beginning with Unicorn SPiT's Molly Red Pepper working from the center out. then use Unicorn SPiT's White Ning again working from the center out. Now use Unicorn SPiT's Zia Teal and once again working from the center out, then lastly use Unicorn SPiT's Purple Hill Majesty and again (in case you haven't already noticed) working from the center out. Now we have laid the color down, this is where you may need an assistant! With a plastic drop cloth cut down to a smaller size (I let about 6-8 inches hang off the edges of the stool) you will lay the drop cloth on the top of the stool carefully and try to avoid air bubbles.
Now use a spray bottle full of water and spray the top of the plastic drop cloth (This will make your hands glide across the plastic without smudging the SPiT underneath.) as you will see in the videos you just use you hands and work again from the center out. This creates the Tie-Dye look!
This is where it can get somewhat tricky, you will need your assistant to help you quickly (and carefully) lift the drop cloth up off the stool. if you lift it too quick you will smudge the Tie-Dye pattern, but of course if you lift it too slow it will create odd lines in the pattern. The great thing about Unicorn SPiT is that its a water based gel stain so if it REALLY doesn't turn out you can just use the hose and a sponge to wipe it off! So if all went somewhat well, then the next step is to begin the painting process on the legs!
This the sealant I use with Unicorn SPiT, when you buy it make sure that it is an oil based polyurethane not water based, if you use water based then the SPiT will reactivate and all your hard work will be for nothing... ( I already experienced that unpleasant surprise...)
This is fairly simple, I bought a deep black chalk furniture paint to use on the legs and absolutely love the contrast with the top. It is definitely your choice on what color to paint the legs, but for selling reasons I used a color that goes well with almost any color:-)

For sealing you can use large sized foam brushes to apply the Polyurethane as evenly as you can, use around 4-5 coats, and sanding lightly with high grit sand paper between each layer. I have heard that for the last layer you can use the old brown paper bags instead of high grit sand paper to get a smooth finish!
Now you get to see the fruit of all your effort! Personally this took me about 3-4 days to complete from start to finish. I love Unicorn SPiT because it is jasmine scented and very easy to use! The possibilities are endless with this product, it gives so much life to the wood and really lets the wood grain shine! You can purchase Unicorn SPiT online at http://www.unicornspit.com/ and I hope you enjoy all the things that Unicorn SPiT has to offer! Happy SPiTing!
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