Hose Pot Without the Hose Pot Price!

by Matt
2 Materials
20 Minutes
I crafted my flower pot tower earlier this summer. I loved the look but hated the curled hose at the base. It just looked ugly, and it ruined the look! The cheapest hose pot I could find that was attractive and not plain was $50! I didn't want to spend that much, because I have a hose at the front and at the back. No, I'm not spending $100 just to hide hoses. So I put my crafter hat on and bought two large pots at the local home improvement store for $10 each! Check out the results below. MUCH better!
Begin by buying two plastic flower pots that are to your liking. I drilled drainage holes in the bottom to start, so that water doesn't pool in the bottom and can drain out.
Then, using a drill bit that will drill a hole, drill one in the back side of your pot large enough to let your hose slide through easily with some room to spare. In my case, that was 1 1/4". I already had the drill bit from another project.
Then feed the hose through the hole and wind the hose inside the pot avoiding kinks. That's it! All for $20 for two and $80 in savings!!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Flower Pot   (Hose)
  • Drill bit that will make a hole   (Home improvement Store)
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  • Linda cooks Linda cooks on Nov 05, 2018

    yes i will do this,also where did you get the flower tower I love that too.

  • Pip Pip on Feb 24, 2019

    Ok you got me, why buy 2 flower pots? Love your idea, very clever.

  • Patty V. Patty V. on Jun 30, 2019

    If you feed the hose through the pot, wouldn't it get aggravating when the pot moves as you pull the hose?

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  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Jul 18, 2016
    How clever!

  • Chu8737608 Chu8737608 on Jul 20, 2016
    How clever and your pot tower is beautiful. The open hose pot would still bother me, so I'd be tempted to add a faux Boulder or perhaps a cover of some type (i.e a stone slab).