How to Use Command Hooks: Discover Genius Kitchen Hacks Now

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If you're a fan of simple yet effective kitchen organization hacks, you're in for a treat.

Here are three practical ways on how to use command hooks for a more efficient kitchen.

Command hook hacks

Tools and Materials:

Command hooks


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Hang Baskets on a Cupboard Door

Maximize the often overlooked space beneath your cabinet shelves with this easy storage solution.

Organize with command hooks

1. Select the Right Basket

Choose a basket with holes, allowing you to easily attach command hooks through the openings.

Stick the hooks on the door

2. Measure and Stick

Now, measure where you want the hooks to sit and stick them down.

Attach the basket

3. Add a Basket

Thread the command hooks through the holes in the basket.

Tip: Wire baskets and plastic varieties are the best for this trick.

Quick kitchen storage tips

Enjoy the added storage space for items like cleaning cloths and sponges.

This idea isn't limited to the kitchen – try it in closets for more storage options.

Phone holder idea

Phone Holder

Keep your phone within reach, off the counter, and visible.

1. Decide on Placement

Grab two command hooks and determine where you want your phone to be positioned for easy access and visibility while cooking.

Place a phone on the hooks

2. Attach and Place

Attach the hooks to the wall at the chosen location and place your phone on the hooks.

This hack also works great near plug points, as a mini phone charging station.

Plain glass jar

Measuring Scoop Holder

1. Prepare Your Jars

Gather jars used for flour, grains, cereals, or any ingredients that require measuring.

Stick a hook on the side of the jar

2. Clean the Surfaces

Thoroughly clean the surfaces of the jars where the command hooks will be attached.

Organizing with jars and scoops

3. Attach Hooks and Hang Scoops

Attach a command hook to each jar and hang a matching measuring scoop or spoon.

Now, every jar has its dedicated scoop, making your cooking routine more efficient.

More Command Hook Hacks

For more unique ways to use hooks, check out this tutorial on How To Organize Foil and Plastic Wrap.

How to Use Command Hooks in the Kitchen

There you have it – three simple yet transformative kitchen hacks using command hooks. By maximizing storage, keeping your phone handy, and ensuring organized measuring, these tricks are designed to make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable.

Grab some command hooks and give these hacks a try. Share your experience and any additional tips you have!

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