Stylized Outdoor Solar Lights

Give your outdoor solar lights some extra zest with a candlestick holder. Taking the stem and frosted glass casing, Zest it Up replaced the tea lights with solar bulbs. Removing the solar lights from their base, she stuck them to the candlestick using a hot glue gun. Her tip is to work quickly as the glue dries fast. Get tutorial here

Sensational Solar String Lights

All you need to create colorful solar string lights is the right glass. For these lights, Flea Market Gardening cut the tops off of blue Budweiser bottles. Once she’d smoothed the rims, she inserted solar lights and placed them inside candle holders. To finish, she threaded them through some wire to create these wonderfully colorful hanging solar lights. Get tutorial here

Magical Mason Jar Hanging Solar Lights

Mason jars make the best hanging solar lights. After removing a solar light from its stem, Joy cut out the center of her jar lid to create this light. At this point, she put glue around the rim and inserted the light. She finished by using a layer of silicon to waterproof the jars before adding some crystals and hanging in her garden.  Get tutorial here

A Glowing Garden with Recycled Solar Lights

Give your garden extra glow without any light. By removing the cover of an old solar light, Wifesipad made this creative planter. Once she’d removed the internal workings of the light, she added soil and succulent plants. She chose these plants for their ability to regrow. Once complete, she placed inside a plant pot for a neat new look. Get tutorial here

Vintage Outdoor Solar Lights

With some imagination and a can of spray paint, Chas created this fabulous vintage solar light. Starting with a candle holder chandelier, she gave it two coats of Rustoleum Metallic spray. Once dry, she removed the bottom sections from six solar lights and slid them into each candle holder. Finally, she hung her impressive outdoor solar lights from a tree. Get tutorial here

Simple Yet Stylish Hanging Solar Lights

Taking eight strips of wire, Melanie fixed them together by wrapping more wire around the top. Once secure, she fanned out the strands into a spiderweb and placed a bowl in the center. From there, she fashioned the wire strands into a bowl. Finally, after adding some foliage, she inserted a bulb for a simple yet stylish hanging solar light.  Get tutorial here

Out of this World Star Jar

Taking nothing more than a glass jar and some solar fairy lights, our Hometalker made this fantastic centerpiece. The top tip here is to use a jar with a cork lid to avoid cutting and sticking. As an added tip, you could make a hole in the bottom of the jar to thread the lights through and hide the solar pack under your table. Get tutorial here

Unbelievable Umbrella Solar String Lights

After painting a garden post white, Melanie cut an umbrella shaft approximately 2" below the opener. With enough stem showing to mount the umbrella on her post, she fixed it to the open position and secured it in a pre-drilled hole using wire. To finish, she wrapped solar string lights around the post and umbrella for this fantastic-looking night light. Get tutorial here

Wonderful Waterdrop Hanging Solar Lights

Taking some old watering globes, Handan pushed fairy lights into the stem. After she’d filled the bottom, she wrapped the excess around a dowel and placed it inside the stem. To finish, she threaded the wire through a garden tap she’d cut from its original piping. Finally, she fixed the tap into a candlestick holder and placed it in her garden. Get tutorial here

Slick Solar Light Stumps

For these stylish stumps, Rob removed solar lights from their original posts. Once he’d measured the posts, he used the equivalent drill bit to make ¾" deep holes in his tree stumps. Finally, he filled the holes with glue and inserted his lights. He completed these impressive pieces by nailing vintage latches to the front of each stump. Get tutorial here

From Floor Lamp to Outdoor Solar Lights

Take the indoors outdoors with this floor lamp conversion. Instead of putting her solar floor lamps into the ground, Sadie removed the stakes and stuck them to an old stand. To give this piece a sleek look, she removed the old wires and retouched the paintwork. Finally, she sprayed the solar light lids to match the stand and glued them into place. Get tutorial here

Trippy Magic Mushroom Solar Light

To create his mushroom cap, Chris poured concrete into a ceramic bowl. Once filled, he then placed a smaller bowl into the middle of the mix. Once the concrete was set, he drilled holes into the cap and stuck on translucent stones. To finish, he painted the outside before poking solar lights through the holes on the underside of the cap. Get tutorial here

Coastal Delight from Your Solar Light

Bring a sandy glow to your yard with these mason jar solar lights. Using three materials, Stephanie started out by layering blue sand into her jars. Next, she added shell fragments. To finish, she screwed on a mason jar solar light lid. Available online, these lids are the key to this project as they hide the light for a sleek look. Get tutorial here

Acorn Cap Solar String Lights

For these solar string lights, Craft Invaders wired the original circuits to an outdoor LED light. With a constant power supply in place, they hung wires between a row of mini wooden pylons fashioned into crosses. Once the circuit was ready, they pushed LED bulbs through across lids and hung them from the wire. Perfect! Get tutorial here