Patio Decorating Ideas: Go All Out with Your Walls

Your walls might not instantly spring to mind when it comes to overhauling your patio, but unleashing your creativity on them can create something amazing. A few tubes of black caulk, a lick of paint, and an eye for detail, and you could design a magical backdrop for your beautiful new patio, as demonstrated by Hometalker Dianna Wood. Don’t be afraid to go all out with colors as the more artsy and eye-catching the design, the better!  Get tutorial here

Cheap Patio Ideas: Add Some Flowers and Foliage

While your patio may naturally be paved, even spaces that are solely made of concrete benefit from the addition of some greenery. If you don’t have soil borders, it’s time to invest in some pots and planters, as this innovative Hometalker so beautifully demonstrates. Fill them with bright and vibrant flowers to add a pop of color and be sure to choose something suitably fragrant to perfume the air around.  Get tutorial here

Small Patio Ideas: Grow an Herb Garden

Patios can be a great way to make the most of limited space, so why not take this idea to the next level by adding a cute little herb garden too? Using a recycled table and a few simple DIY skills, it’s possible to incorporate planters into the top, so that you can watch your garden grow even as your previously picked herbs season the meal you’re eating! We love this concept, especially for city gardens.    Get tutorial here

Paver Patio Ideas: Flagged and Fabulous

The flooring you choose is a prime factor in creating and shaping your aesthetic, and flagstones are an ideal choice. Elegant, traditional, and perfect for adding additional layered features like the pond above, they can often be purchased second-hand to help reduce your overheads. We particularly like the beautifully designed center details that were used in this project.   Get tutorial here

Paver Patio Ideas: Go Faux

Flagstone patios look fantastic, but if they’re not within your budget, go with the next best thing: faux! As talented Hometalker Alicia W demonstrates, even the plainest cement can be given a glow-up treatment with the help of a specially designed Concrete Walk Maker stencil, some carefully selected outdoor paints, and a little bit of imagination. Be sure to practice beforehand to make sure you get the technique down to a tee. Get tutorial here

Patio Decorating Ideas: Artsy and Intricate

The beauty of DIY is that you get to put your own spin on home décor ideas, and this is one way to go all out! Intricate, artsy, and eclectic, this gorgeously stenciled patio is immediately eye-catching. Bringing to mind the beauty of sunbaked oriental tiles, it can be recreated by even the most creatively challenged with the help of a few clever cut-outs. Be bold, be brave, and create something truly breathtaking.  Get tutorial here

Covered Patio Ideas: A Roof for Alfresco Dining

Once your floor is looking fabulous, think about adding a roof for alfresco dining opportunities.You can either build beneath an existing carapace, as this Hometalker did, or construct a simple overhead element above the spot where your patio is sited. The added shelter means you can use the space whatever the weather, making meals outside a must! Get tutorial here

Outdoor Patio Ideas: Add a Fire Pit

One of the most important things to remember when you’re designing your patio is that it should be functional. A fire pit can help with this. Giving you a warm and cozy place to sit on cool evenings, it means you can use your patio even when there’s a nip in the air. This one utilizes a mix of local stone and cut bluestone to create a pretty and professional finish, and the lighting and landscaping offset it perfectly.  Get tutorial here

Backyard Patio Ideas: Create a Pretty and Practical Walkway

A good patio is one you can use all year round, which means there are certain practical additions you’d do well to incorporate. If the space is surrounded by softer ground, a walkway is a great idea. Allowing you easy access even when the ground around is muddy, wet, and slippery, this one, which utilizes around 800 square feet of irregular flagstone, is a perfect example, and took only four days and two materials to complete.     Get tutorial here

DIY Patio Ideas: Design Your Own Pallet Furniture

Every patio should have a place to sit, and one clever idea to help keep costs down is to recycle old pallets.You’d be surprised by how easy it is to transform these from unwanted junk into gorgeously unique garden furniture, as Hometalker Placeofmytaste has done such a great job of demonstrating. Spend a couple of days painting and making custom-fit cushions, and you’ll be amazed by the end result.  Get tutorial here

Cheap Patio Ideas: Recycle and Reuse

DIY projects offer a great chance to recycle and reuse old or unwanted furniture, and you’d be surprised by the treasures you can find.  Take this rusty old patio set, which has been gorgeously transformed by Hometalker Jennifer, so that you’d never know it was once so unloved. Repainted in a bright, beautiful turquoise, it adds an exquisite pop of color to the space around it, whilst its reupholstered seat covers inject an on-trend retro vibe.   Get tutorial here

DIY Patio Ideas: Turn Sun-Bleached into Seaside Chic

Once furniture starts to look worn and sun-bleached, lots of us are tempted to throw it out and buy a replacement. Instead, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunities it poses. If you know someone who’s getting rid of a perfectly good set, make sure you get in there and call dibs on it. With a carefully selected array of seaside-themed colors and some Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 Primer, you could turn tired and worn into fresh and funky.    Get tutorial here

Cheap Patio Ideas: Make the Most of Pretty Metalwork

Delicate metalwork is dreamy and romantic, making it the ideal pick for paradisiacal patios. Luckily, there are lots of old and unloved examples out there, meaning you can purchase it for next to nothing. We suggest you take advantage by investing in some paint, adding some pretty cushions, and transforming an old and unloved dining set into the perfect place to picnic. The two-tone effect in this example really adds that extra something! Get tutorial here

DIY Patio Ideas: Be Inspired by Rretro Ice Cream Parlors

If there’s one set-up that perfectly captures the essence of outdoor dining, it’s retro ice cream parlors. That’s why they act as the ideal inspiration for alfresco dining décor, as demonstrated by Hometalker Sue @ Housekaboodle. Using neglected garage sale purchases, Rustoleum Rust Reformer, and a generous helping of spray paint, she transformed this chair and table set from drab and dilapidated to cute and quirky. Get tutorial here