How to Get Started with DIY Macrame Designs

First things first: before you move on to creating macrame masterpieces, you need to learn how to make basic macrame knots. Lucky for you, Hometalker Wendy at has a tutorial on that. Using a simple macrame cord, she shows the basic lark’s head knot and the most common macrame knots, the square knot, the double square knot, and the wrapped knot. Get tutorial here

For Beginners: DIY Macrame Christmas Trees

If you are looking for a simple design to start your macrame adventures with, Hometalker A Crafty Mix – Michelle has the perfect project for you. For just $1, you can make stunning Boho Christmas trees. Using a few twigs for your garden, some yarn, and a few other materials, it is easy to make these trees in roughly 10 minutes each. Perfect for a DIY Christmas gift! Get tutorial here

Make an Easy DIY Macrame Table Runner

After you have mastered the basic techniques, you can take it to the next level. Hometalker Wendy at has the perfect idea for how to macrame an easy table runner. Using just one simple macrame knot, the square knot, she manages to produce a stunning centerpiece with diamond designs. Perfect for adding a touch of Boho elegance to your dining table. Get tutorial here

Beautiful Macrame Wall Hanging with Yarn

Hometalker Makeful has a different approach on how to macrame your own wall hanging or curtain: swap the usual macrame cord for some yarn. You will also need a curtain rod to weave your design onto. Using yarn will give your design a softer and thicker feel, while it will also allow you to tie the knots faster, including the horizontal double half hitch knot. Get tutorial here

Pink Macrame Wall Hanging with Heart Design

If you want to put a spin on your macrame wall hanging or curtain, why not go for a conceptual design with a matching color? Hometalker Wendy at has a perfect idea. A macrame wall hanging with a heart design using pink macrame cord – or any other color! The heart design is easy to do with a just few square knots and half square spiral knots. Get tutorial here

Make Your Own Macrame Hammock Hanging Chair

Macrame is not only great for ornamental pieces but it is perfect for more practical projects, too. Sturdy and reliable, macrame can be used to make your own hanging macrame chair, similar to a hammock. Hometalker Amanda C, Hometalk Team explains how to build the beautiful hanging chair pictured for $40-60, with a few wood dowels for the frame. Get tutorial here

The Perfect Lawn Chair Made with Macrame

If you are looking for an easier macrame chair idea, there is nothing simpler than transforming an old and boring lawn chair with a stunning macrame design. Hometalker Wendy at used just 3 materials that cost roughly $20 to create a beautiful macrame lawn chair in about 4 hours. You just need a metal lawn chair frame to re-purpose. Get tutorial here

Macrame Wall Hanging Made with Mop Refill

If you want to be extra practical about it, you can achieve a lot with materials that you just have lying around at home. Hometalker Sabine Schmidt skipped the usual macrame cord and used mop refill for her design. She also used some leftover beads to add a smart touch to her simple wall hanging that she weaved onto a wooden dowel using simple macrame knots. Get tutorial here

How to Macrame Your Own DIY Luggage Rack

Macrame is the perfect solution for turning mundane home items into a reinvented, creative version. Hometalker Wendy at used 3 simple materials for her amazing macrame luggage rack. She started with a vintage wooden tray stand and went for a poly blend rope – but she suggests a 100% cotton rope for an even more bohemian chic look. Get tutorial here

Beautiful DIY Pendant Light Made with Macrame

Hometalker Nicki Parrish @ Sweet Parrish Place has the perfect idea for a stunning light. She used a cage light she found on clearance as the basis and then used some macrame cord to create an elegant design. She used super simple macrame square knots for a project that cost just $20 and transformed her bathroom – and she was done in just a couple of hours! Get tutorial here

The Simplest Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame is also perfect for creating fabulous plant hangers – including the super easy ones that Hometalker Beachcomber made from scratch, similar to those, Hometalker Fiberartsy created. Made with simple square knots and colored yarn, her macrame plant hanger design is really quick. It is also a great project to do together with kids on school holidays. Get tutorial here

Sturdy and Stunning Pink Macrame Plant Hanger

If you want to go for a more elaborate design for your macrame plant hanger, check out Hometalker’s Ileen Stephens idea. She used a lighter to seal the cord ends and simple macrame knots for hers. She went for some flamboyant pink macrame cord, but you can choose any color that rocks your boat – and even leave the cords at the end unsealed for a more frayed look. Get tutorial here

Easy Macrame Plant Holder

Designs similar to those for a macrame plant hanger can make a basic macrame pot holder that will save you lots of space in the kitchen – not to mention add a really nice Boho-chic vibe. Hometalker Jenny Tease made a simple pot holder with just some macrame cord, scissors, and tape measure. She used it to store lemons – but you can use it for fruit or even kitchen utensils. Get tutorial here

DIY Macrame Designs for Wooden Ladles

Pot holders are not the only stunning piece you can create with macrame to elevate your kitchen. Hometalker Lena shows how to macrame designs on old wooden ladles to give them a nostalgic and elegant look. She used a simple technique tying regular knots on the backside of the utensils and showcased them in a glass jar. A fabulous macrame display! Get tutorial here

Ornamental Pumpkins with Macrame Decoration

Macrame is great for practical projects to create functional items – but it is also an awesome choice for purely decorative arts and crafts. Like on ornamental macrame pumpkin! Hometalker Renovar Design - A Wife, A Husband & A Hammer used hot glue to attach macrame cord to a pumpkin, adding some extra floral wire to the stem. A beautiful decoration for just $11! Get tutorial here

The Perfect Macrame Garden Privacy Wall

Do you need ideas to create an efficient yet discreet separation wall for your garden, so that both you and your neighbors can have some extra privacy? Hometalker Arekaybee is on it! She used butcher’s twine to create a simple macrame hanging privacy wall with different patterns. Perfect as an aid for growing ivy and other climbers for even more privacy! Get tutorial here