Supply extra hangers (and beautify them!)

Turn all of your scattered and mismatched hangers into a pretty complimentary set for easier unpacking. Get tutorial here

Make your own luggage rack to keep handy

Give guests a place to rest their bags when they get in. This DIY model folds away when your guest goes. Get tutorial here

Have fruit and snacks available

Keep a tiered tray stocked with tasty treats on your kitchen countertop to keep guests satisfied. Get tutorial here

Set up a tasty beverage station

Organize a fun and flavorful beverage station in a corner of your kitchen for guests to enjoy. Get tutorial here

Set up a bedside light for easy reading

Craft your own simple and stylish bedside lamp by poking a pattern in a sheet of paper. Get tutorial here

Give them some space for shower products

In case your guest is traveling with his or her own toiletries, make space to accommodate them. Get tutorial here

Add extra coat/robe hooks to guest room walls

Making extra coat hooks for guest room walls will give visitors a nicer way to store their outerwear. Get tutorial here

Build some quick & temporary shoe storage

Fold cardboard boxes into shoe storage for guests to organize their footwear during their visit. Get tutorial here

Keep clean towels available

Keep fresh towels within easy reach, so your holiday guests never have to ask. Get tutorial here

Set out toiletries as part of your decor

Work extra toiletries into your bathroom decor, for a stylish and practical set up. Get tutorial here

Keep house keys available

Keep extra keys available for guests so they can come and go as freely as they need. Get tutorial here

Or make a special guest key

You can also copy a special key for guests to have on hand while they’re out and about. Get tutorial here