Bullfrog spa Installed On a Second-story Deck in Windham New York

This beautiful Timber Framed home is the perfect setting for a Bullfrog Hot Tub in the snow! This is how you can install a Hot Tub on a second story deck using concrete footing and pressure treated timbers.
Bullfrog Spa installed next to a raised deck. We raised this spa up 18" to make it easy to get into.
Timber Framed home with a Bullfrog spa on a secony story deck
"Spa Cradle" made of timbers and concrete footings in this second story deck in Windham New York
Cover lifter being installed on this Bullfrog Spa in Windham New York
Beautiful timber framed home with a new Bulllfrog spa installed at this second story deck
Footings are already installed, timber post and cradle being installed
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 17, 2013
    Perfect spot for a hot tub. (Windham's a pretty long delivery for you, isn't it?)
  • LaVerne DeHart LaVerne DeHart on Oct 08, 2013
    Wow, to be so lucky! I live in SW Iowa and it gets very cold and snowy here as well. i do have a friend with a 2nd story deck and a hot tub. I would have never thought of putting one on an upper level. This home is beautiful and what's not to love about a hot tub? Hope you enjoy for years to come!