Making a Faux Hornets Nest.

4 Materials
1 Hour

I found out that hornets and wasps are pretty much territorial. They don't like to set up house where the other already has.

When I went searching, I found you can buy these for about 7.00 at Walmart that inflate and deflate for seasonal use.

But I am a tight wad and don't have a way to drive to town so I just made one. You can get the full pattern here

Here is a general idea for you to ponder then look further if you want. It's easy for even the beginning crocheter.

And here are some links in case you want more evidence these work.

The first step is making a circle. Then you crochet up and then decrease for the closing. Please visit the link for step by step instructions and photos.

You draw string the closing and spray liberally with Scotchgard. Hang up where it can be seen and let it work it's magic.

There you have it. N-JOY!!

Basic 12 double in a circle, then chain 2 and make two in each for 24.

Increase by 12 for each row till you have 6 rows. Then, make a double in each stitch, no longer increasing. Do this till your work is about 9".

Above you will see how I stuffed it.

Done! Be sure to Scotchgard it when you are done, and try and hang under the eaves. N-JOY!!

Suggested materials:

  • Gray yarn. Tan is fine, too.   (Had at home)
  • Size J hook. You can use larger hook and thicker yarn, too.   (Hat at home)
  • Scissors, plastic bags   (Had at home)
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  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 18, 2017
    good idea!
    I use a scrunched up brown bag in my shed and it works really well...not very waterproof though.

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Jul 18, 2017
    That is one of the things they recommend, too. Yes, it's not water proof but if you tied a clear bag, like the veggie kind in the stores, around it and cinched it up really tight that would help.