Flower Pot Solar Fountain: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a solar fountain using flower pots is a great way to add a beautiful display to your outdoor space.

Follow these steps to build your own fountain and enjoy the soothing sound of water in your garden.

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Tools and Materials:

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How to make a solar fountain

1. Gather Your Flower Pots

Pick up a large flower pot, some smaller ones, and a ceramic bowl to create this beautiful outdoor display.

Garden decor ideas

We are going to stack these to create a gorgeous water feature.

DIY flower pot solar fountain

2. Stack the Flower Pots

Stack some smaller flower pots up in the center of the large pot.

Backyard water feature

Ensure they are stable and reach the desired height.

Fill the large pot with soil

3. Add Potting Soil and Plant Annuals

Add potting soil around the stacked pots and plant colorful annuals in the soil.

Plant your favorite flowers

This will add a vibrant touch to your fountain.

Eco-friendly water features

4. Seal the White Ceramic Pot

Take the white ceramic pot and seal the hole in the middle.

This will prevent water from leaking out.

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5. Place the Ceramic Pot

Set the sealed white ceramic pot on top of the stacked pots inside the large pot.

Outdoor water display

Fill it with water to prepare for the fountain.

Solar-powered flower pot fountain

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6. Install the Solar Fountain

Add the solar fountain kit to the water-filled ceramic pot.

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Once the sun hits the solar panel, the water will start bubbling up.

Create a flower pot water feature

The brighter the sun, the higher the water spray.

Add more water features to your garden

Discover how to make a Solar-Powered Walmart Pot Fountain with our easy-to-follow tutorial!

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Easy DIY Flower Pot Solar Fountain Tutorial

I hope this inspired you to create your own outdoor solar fountain this summer.

Feel free to share your experiences or ask any questions in the comments below!

Sarah Vanderkooy
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  • Alice Alice on Jun 27, 2024
    I really like your creative, lovely little fountain but I am wondering how your Impatients do with lots of sun? ( I assume you have this in the sun to increase the solar powered spray of the fountain) I have a lot of shade so I always grow Impatients, I have always heard thye are shade flowers, and have luck with growing them with only a few hours of slanted sunlight. Thanks for sharing your fountain idea!
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  • Dwo110787937 Dwo110787937 on Jun 27, 2024
    If you pack the potting soul amd the put the color pot into the packed soil and then remove you will now have a hole the exact size of the color and will not have to dig into the soil
  • Marty Ayers Marty Ayers on Jun 27, 2024
    FYI... the "spray " type of fountain nozzle is very susceptible to the wind. A stiff wind can actually cause the fountain to pump itself dry and burn out the pump... (the falling water lands outside the water basin, causing it to empty), and this can happen in a couple of hours. A "bubbler" style is less susceptible to the wind.