The Secret Ingredient to Get Your Chalkboard Wall Back to Black

5 Minutes

Ever since we first painted the magnetic chalkboard wall in our kitchen, I have been on a mission to figure out how to get it clean. I mean really clean... as in back to the way it looked when it was new. Back to black!

The constant white/gray haze drove me crazy! Because our chalkboard wall reaches all the way to the ceiling, we never draw or write on the top of it, meaning that the wall isn't even consistently grey. Instead it is nice and clean on the top - and progressively worse as it gets closer to the floor {where little hands can reach}. Now I like ombre as much as the next girl, but this just isn't a good look.

I've tried repeatedly to the clean the chalkboard wall with a damp cloth, with a sponge, you name it. With water it would look clean when it was wet, but as it dried the grey, smeary mess would reappear! My older son was always frustrated because it was hard to even see his drawings on top of the constant haze of chalk on our wall.

Months ago I did a bunch of research to find a better way to get the chalkboard clean, and I came across the same suggestion a handful of times. But I just couldn't bring myself to try it. It just made me too nervous. But finally I had enough and I decided it was worth a shot....and it worked!

Want to know the secret, head over to the blog {link below} for all the details and instructions!

Angela, Blue i Style
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