Before: Dirty and dusty stairs

These carpeted stairs were gathering dust and just looked dirty. Get tutorial here

After: Dark stained natural wood

Stripping down to the basics was the best move for this stair case. Get tutorial here

Before: A boring plain jane staircase

From the beige carpet to the white peeling banister, this staircase was lacking a wow-factor. Get tutorial here

After: Gleaming and sparkly stairs

With the wood tops and the shiny tile, these stairs grab your attention when you walk in. Get tutorial here

Before: Old and dingy ivory stairs

This classic 80’s split level staircase needed a new upgrade. Get tutorial here

After: Dark and light contrasted stairs

With the dark wood to match the hallway, these stairs looked much more modern. Get tutorial here

Before: Dingy and drab carpet

Who do so many houses have this old looking beige carpet? Get tutorial here

Before: A clash of tastes

The beige carpet did not work with the rusted orange walls. Get tutorial here

After: Bright and neutral tones

The natural pine boards complement the white trim and grey-ish walls. Talk about an update! Get tutorial here

After: A fresh and modern staircase

Can you believe this only cost $50 to do? Get tutorial here

Before: Your standard carpet

There was nothing wrong with this, but this blogger decided to rip it up one day. Get tutorial here

After: An elegant and detailed look

It might’ve taken a month, but we say this staircase was worth it. Get tutorial here

Before: Dusted white carpet

This is pretty and cozy, but it was missing that fresh and modern look. Get tutorial here

After: A stunning contrast

These stairs are absolutely stunning. We love the contrast with the dark wood and white paint. Get tutorial here