Stencil a plain one with a medallion print

If your plain rug needs some personality, this is an easy way to do it. Get tutorial here

Turn a cheap rug into an outdoor beauty

Outdoor rugs are expensive, but with some paint, a cheap rug be even better. Get tutorial here

Or stencil it with a simple pattern

This transformation from a plain rug into a stunning one took less than two hours. Get tutorial here

Turn an outdated mat into a fun welcome sign

Make sure your guests take off their shoes with a fun place to put them. Get tutorial here

Make a rug look expensive with paint

A stencil and some paint turned this old rug into a charming sisal rug. Get tutorial here

Stripe it up with painter’s tape

This has got to be the simplest way to update a rug without too much hassle. Get tutorial here

Brighten it up with some colorful paint

Pink your favorite shade and get to work updating your rug into a stunning piece of work. Get tutorial here

Turn a plain drop cloth into a colorful rug

Spray paint it to add some color, and use it at the front door, mudroom, or anywhere! Get tutorial here

Use a sponge to add layers of color

You can get different shades and lots of color with a sponge, tape, and some paint. Get tutorial here

Get a high-end look with paint

Painting this West-Elm design takes the same time it would for you to go to the store and buy it. Get tutorial here

Jazz it up with bright circles of color

Your plain rug is no match for this bright spray painted one. Get tutorial here