Aluminum Beer Bottle Wind Chime

by Heatherelzey
2 Materials
2 Days
I made this for my grilling shed.
I used a large bushes bake bean can. We measured the diameter and devided by 7 (by how many bottles I wanted on the wind chime) and marked where we wanted the holes.
We drilled the holes big enough to get the kind of string I wanted to use.
I sanded the holes so they would not cut anyone.
I spray painted the can blue (my husband's favorite team color).
I painted his teams name on the can in red. Just basic paint I get from walmart craft area.
I threaded the string I was using into the holes. 7 holes for the bottles and 1 hole to hold the wind chime. Make the strings long so you can cut to size when you add the bottles.
All I did was tie a knot in the string to keep it from coming out of the hole and cut the excess off.
Then I drilled a hole into each lid of the aluminum bottle. I used a screw first to start the hole then used a drill bit to make the hole bigger.
I ran the string into the hole and tied it off about where I wanted the bottle to sit. I did cut some excessive string off. All did was screw the bottle to the lid.I placed the a little above half way to the last bottle. Repeating the last few steps 7 times total.
I placed the bottles a little above half to each bottle. Stair stepping them all the way around.
Here is my finished project. My husband helped find the beers and he also emptied the bottles for me. Always great to have good help!
Suggested materials:
  • Sander, drill, paint, string,   (Any home improvement store)
  • Aluminum bottles   (Any stores that sales aluminum bottles)
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