Custom Pull Out Spice Rack Tucked on the Side of Our Refrigerator.

David McIntosh
by David McIntosh
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We have all been there- a cabinet next to the stove STUFFED full of every spice you ever bought in the past 10 years. You can never find what you are looking for and it is a mess!

Well, I decided to do something about it. I took that useless space next to our refrigerator and made a custom pull out spice rack with lots of visible access to everything.
Here is the space
Rolling out the spice rack. Each shelf is on one row deep, so everything is visible. I simply built a simple frame out of melamine left over from a previous project. The outer walls and each shelf are screwed in from the outside.

I added a piece of hardwood ripped down to serve as a face frame and a retainer for the shelf to keep things in place.

I also added a slip resistant liner on each shelf to help keep things in place.

The back side is a piece of hardboard with that smooth white coating on the front, like white board.

I played with putting the drawer slide on the back side of the spice rack but it took too much space, this space it tight enough, so every centimeter counts.

So I rigged up a single full extension drawer slide on the top mounted to an L brace piece of plywood which mounts to the wall.
The weight of all of it is supported by 2 in line wheels. I got these from Harbor Freight and because they only roll in one direction it is a smooth operation.
Here is a view of the unit completely removed. You can see the rail on the top and the simple but joint screws for the drawers.
The door front which is simply a piece of poplar wood that I routed the edge to match the rest of the drawers in the kitchen.

I added a nice big pull handle.

Now we just have to figure out what to do with that empty cabinet next to the stove. I am sure we will fill it sooner than expected with even more stuff!

Hope this gives you ideas!

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  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 05, 2017

    Oh no.....not again. I had a fridge burn out because air could not cycle around the unit. The coils in the back can get very hot. The heat needs an escape route.....i.e. The spaces around it and over it. Was told to give 3 inches on each side....and above it. Spices do best in a cooler place, and also dark.

    • David McIntosh David McIntosh on Jun 06, 2017
      Thanks... I actually consider that as well. I monitored the temp with my digital laser tester before and after and noticed no noticeable change in temp. I have plenty of space above, behind, and to the other side. The spice area stay nice and dark and reasonably cool. It is something you have to consider though when enclosing a refrigerator. Good Point to add. Thank you.
  • Eileen Eileen on Jun 07, 2019

    Thank you