How to Color Transparent Glass

This little glass lamp has lived in my Mom's closet for as long as I can remember... honestly I think many of us have this exact same lamp stashed away some where! Of course that isn't a reason to put aside a perfectly good lamp... so I decided to completely transform it!
The first step is to completely take your lamp apart. Make sure to take lots of pictures so you know how to put the lamp back together again!
The next step is to squeeze paint onto your glass... that's it! Make sure you're using actual glass paint and then go to town. I started from the top and let the paint fall down the sides... gravity baby!
I know it sounds easy but that's really it! Of course if you need a visual I do have a video on the blog... head over to check it out! Once you've stained each piece of glass move it to a clean section of cardboard so that it's not sitting in a pool of paint. Other wise the paint will dry and form a seal securing your glass to the cardboard... no bueno.

I went ahead and moved my little glass pieces about once an hour for the first 3 hours. The first and second times they were glued to the cardboard and needed a little pop to come loose. The third time there was only a little bitty teeny tiny pop and the fourth time they were dry enough to pick up with no pop at all.

Once your glass pieces are dry it's time to put your lamp back together!
Of course you may want to change up the gold pieces of your lamp first... check out the blog for a quick tutorial on achieving the crackle finish I used. The best part? It's all spray paint!
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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