Paint the surrounding wall with a stencil

If you want the dramatic look of wallpaper, but not the expense. Get tutorial here

Add your own molding for shape and depth

Turn flat slab doors into paneled beauties by adding your own strips of molding. Get tutorial here

Add raised details with joint compound

Using a stencil, put decorative raised details on the blank door panels for an elegant look. Get tutorial here

Cut out the center and replace it with glass

Use the frame of your builder grade door & toss the rest, to try this gorgeous insert idea. Get tutorial here

Decorate areas with contact paper

Highlight certain areas of your plain doors with colorful contact paper to give them some style. Get tutorial here

Dress yours up with molding and paint

Use textured strips of molding to shape your door, then disguise your DIY with paint. Get tutorial here

Put on faux molding with washi tape

Don’t want to break out the tools? No problem. Use washi tape for a temporary facelift. Get tutorial here

Add window mullions for some interest

Give your boring doors a intricate accent by attaching pretty wooden window mullions. Get tutorial here

Add plywood panels

Use plywood to give your door a unique shape. No one will guess it’s builder grade. Get tutorial here

Cover your door in chalkboard panels

Make boards with foam core & chalkboard paint, then add them to your door with trim. Get tutorial here

Surround it with a chunky frame

Use thick pieces of trim to create your own custom chunky frame for your builder grade doors. Get tutorial here

Paint them to look like real wood

If your doors are blending into the walls a little too well, paint them to look like natural wood & stand out. Get tutorial here