1. Crate-Based Pantry Storage Ideas

Hometalker Mindi lacked enough storage space for her kids' school lunches. So, with a little help from some pre-made wooden crates, she put together a rolling island complete with pantry storage boxes. It was designed in three separate sections to enable Mindi to store produce and goods of different shapes and sizes while having them accessible. Get tutorial here

2. Slim Sliding Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet

Amanda built a hideaway pantry storage unit to fit in the gap between her wall and refrigerator, saving pantry cabinet space. This Hometalker made the framework of the unit first, before cutting pieces in a ladder-like style for the individual cupboards. The unit was backed with faux brick wall paneling and painted white to blend with the refrigerator. Get tutorial here

3. French Inspired Pantry Storage Cabinet

It's amazing what you can find at the curbside. Hometalker Yvette found this 1980s French Armoire and coffee table free of charge, upcycling this into stylish pantry storage. Yvette utilized homemade chalk paint and a host of quintessentially French graphics, as well as techniques to distress the cabinets and create that authentic, aged appearance. Get tutorial here

4. Entertainment Center Turned Kitchen Pantry

Hometalker Chelsea was lacking pantry space in her new fixer-upper home, compared with her previous two home rentals. So, after spotting a wooden living room entertaining center at a local thrift store, she opted to transform it into a rustic kitchen pantry storage cupboard, where she stores food and drink instead of DVDs, CDs, or video games. Get tutorial here

5. CD Tower Becomes Built-In Pantry Shelving

Instead of leaving an old CD tower lying around, Eileen repurposed it as a new built-in pantry storage unit. This DIYer hollowed out an area of narrow vertical space in her existing pantry before cutting into the drywall and placing the CD tower neatly into the space created. It's since become a handy pantry spice rack and storage for baking supplies. Get tutorial here

6. Pantry Storage Bins Can Ease Mess

This Hometalker's kitchen pantry storage had become a nightmare mess over time. Using clear, plastic pantry storage containers, it was possible to reorganize things properly, with clearly labeled boxes that are easily accessible time and again. The boxes are designed to be stackable, saving space on the shelves and making clean-up time a dream. Get tutorial here

7. DIY Wooden Corner Pantry Storage Cabinet

Instead of using a stand-up clothes armoire as makeshift storage, Hometalker Nancy and her husband ended up building their own corner pantry in their kitchen. After creating the frame of this floor-to-ceiling construction, they fitted the sheetrock, before adding cross strips to hold the shelving. A new door was hung and painted with a cute decal. Get tutorial here

8. Sliding Barn Kitchen Pantry on Pulleys

With food going stale in her makeshift garage pantry, Hometalker Julie opted for an integrated pantry in her dining area that she can close off using a sliding farmhouse-style door. Two garage door pulleys cleverly support the door frame, while she also spaced out the bolts on the steel track, so that the pulleys and wheels can move the door freely.  Get tutorial here

9. Cute Pantry Storage Containers

This Hometalker was using old dressing table drawers as part of her kitchen pantry storage. It was, therefore, time to transform it with the help of chevron-style contact paper as well as rustic crates, boxes, and mason jars bought from thrift stores and garage sales, which can be labeled easily using chalkboard decals. A unique, stylish finish! Get tutorial here

10. 8" Rolling Kitchen Pantry Cupboard

What can you do with just eight inches of unused space between a wall and a refrigerator? Build a rolling pantry unit, that's what! This clever design houses canned and dry foods for this Hometalker, who assembled the body of the thin rolling pantry after measuring the space, before covering the back of the unit with a piece of stenciled Masonite. Get tutorial here

11. Dollar Store Pantry Storage Containers

It's all too easy for kitchen pantries to become cluttered. Hometalker Kamaldeep fitted additional shelving space to solve their untidy pantry. They then bought clear glass storage containers and wicker baskets that were much easier to contain small food packages. Each masonry jar is labeled on the front, so everything is in its rightful place. Get tutorial here

12. Benefits of Pantry Storage & Chalkboards

Like Kamaldeep, Hometalker Tammy was inspired to transform her messy kitchen pantry using storage baskets and containers, all of which have chalkboards attached for easy labeling. The end result is a clean, bright and spacious pantry space, with an easily accessible step ladder to help Tammy reach things stored high on the shelves. Get tutorial here

13. Pantry Reorganization Saves Counter Space

Hometalker Becky also took the decision to spruce up her kitchen pantry using symmetrical contact paper, before introducing clear white pantry storage containers and mason jars. She also maximized storage space by fitting a wire storage rack to the back of her new pantry, ideal for providing more kitchen countertop space. Get tutorial here

14. Pallet Pantry Drawers for Fruit & Veg

Pallets are cheap and readily available, so this Hometalker opted to use two to turn into pantry drawer space for fresh fruit and veg. The wood was left untreated as it was used to house fresh food. Stephen made sure he left enough space between each drawer to provide enough airflow, while he also rubbed candle wax on each drawer to lubricate them for use. Get tutorial here

15. Ikea Containers Maximize Pantry Space

As part of Hometalker Yina's kitchen pantry conversion, she opted to use a combination of plastic pantry containers, wicker baskets, and mason jars for her reorganized pantry storage. Each basket belongs to one of several categories, e.g. bread, snacks, canned food, while containers are labeled using a white sharpie pen for quick and easy identification. Get tutorial here

16. Turning Cupboards into Walk-In Pantries

This Hometalker's existing pantry cupboard was too deep to keep on top of what exactly was in there. So, she opted to design and build a new walk-in pantry with shelves on three sides going up to the ceiling. For the shelving, white painted boards were used and cut to size, fitting braces underneath to secure each shelving board to the next. Get tutorial here

17. From Unused Closet to Butler's Pantry

Hometalker Lory took on an extravagant transformation of a storage closet, turning it into a lavish French-style butler's pantry. The closet's proximity to the dining room made it ideal for storing dishes and other tabletop accessories. With new cabinets, a polished marble countertop, a wine cooler, and a majestic chandelier, the makeover was complete. Get tutorial here

18. A Butler's Pantry Ideal for Farmhouse Kitchen

Thistlewood's original kitchen pantry was dark, dank and dreary. This Hometalker gave it a bright, inspirational makeover, with new, open white shelving displaying crockery, plates, side plates, glasses, and other tabletop accessories with ease. All of this makes it far easier to host company, with all items readily accessible from the hallway. Get tutorial here

19. DIY Pantry to Fill "Dead" Kitchen Space

After discovering a bespoke pantry would be too expensive for her kitchen, this Hometalker built her own within a single day. Maximizing the "dead" space next to her refrigerator, she framed out the area, fitted a door and drywall, before screwing heaps of shelving, and adding the finishing touches of paint, and trimming. Get tutorial here

20. Use Hangers for Perfect Pantry Storage Ideas

Hometalker Melanie didn't have the floor space for a dedicated kitchen pantry, so she opted for metal over-door pantry storage bins that could be screwed directly into the wall. Melanie also added some additional wall hooks to help hang items such as lunch boxes, reusable shopping bags etc to help reduce countertop clutter in the kitchen; a simple but efficient solution. Get tutorial here

21. Shoe Organizers Make for Ideal Snack Holders

Sometimes the simplest solutions work the best. That's certainly the case with this pantry alternative. Hometalker Heather hung a shoe organizer over her kitchen door for use as storage for her husband's packed lunches and family snacks. It's a great way of maintaining portion sizes for those on a diet without spending a fortune either! Get tutorial here