How to Store Clothes Without a Closet: 11 Genius Ideas

by Alexa

By Alexa Erickson

A large, well-designed closet is a coveted luxury. Whether you’re a city dweller with the tiniest closet in your one-bedroom apartment, moving your child into their dorm room with limited closet space, or have simply used up all your closet real estate throughout your home, it’s time to get creative when it comes to storing clothes.

Luckily, clothes storage isn't limited to just closets. There are plenty of ways to store clothes without one—all it takes is a little creativity and some handiwork. This roundup of ways for how to store clothes without a closet will help you discover the best option for hanging, storing, and organizing your wardrobe when the conventional closet method is out of the question.

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Store Clothes Under the Bed 

Another often-overlooked space filled with storage possibilities is beneath your bed! There are countless under-the-bed storage options out there, like this clothing organizer that zips up to place small items in their own cubbies, like undergarments, T-shirts, PJs, and more. Having a sealed organizer ensures that no under-bed dust bunnies infiltrate your precious items. Also, if you do have a closet but space is limited, consider swapping out your clothes by the season and storing your off-season wardrobe under the bed.

DIY a Closet in a Corner

An awkward corner in a room is the perfect opportunity to create a closet. At the corner, use tension rods from wall to wall to create a rack to hang your clothes from. Add a corner standing shelf or floating shelf to store folded clothes. Place a shoe rack on the floor and, if you want to close off the corner from view, add a decorative folding screen or hang a curtain that matches the rest of the room's decor.

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Install a Closet Kit

Ignore the name: You don't need a closet to have a closet kit. If you have no closet but you have empty wall space to fill, a closet kit makes use of barren wall space much like a wall-mounted storage unit in the garage. Most closet organization kits come with all the materials you need to mount shelves, top rails, brackets, uprights, upright extensions, and hang rods for a total DIY closet configuration that fits your needs. And if you want your closet kit wall covered, you can always install curtains to cover them—in colors and patterns to match your bedroom, of course.

Reimagine a Bookshelf

If you have a tall bookshelf that’s cluttered with knickknacks, consider clearing the shelves off and storing baskets on them filled with organized clothes and shoes. If the shelves are adjustable, move them around to find what will work to fit taller shoes and bags. You can even install hooks on the side of the shelf for hanging belts, bags, hats, and jackets.

Use the Back of a Door

The back of a door is a great place to hang an over-the-door storage unit. This option features a five-shelf capacity along with four large pockets and two PVC pockets. The design is narrow enough for smaller doors while offering plenty of space to keep things organized.

If you’re worried about how an over-the-door storage apparatus looks, avoid placing bulky items like sweaters and jackets in it; instead stow daintier items you want to show off, like scarves, jewelry, and purses.

Utilize the Ceiling

Take a look up and, while it may not hit you at first, the ceiling is filled with tons of storage possibilities! Hang a few hooks from the ceiling, then attach a suspended rod. You can then put hangers onto the rod to showcase your clothing. Or, for something even sturdier, attach an industrial metal rod and shelf unit to the ceiling and hang your clothes from it.

Use a Garment Rack

If you have the empty space for it, try a garment rack. A garment rack is not only a functional tool to hang your clothes from, but it can also serve as a piece of decor in your space. Use it to display your most memorable pieces, or plan out and hang your outfits on it for the following week. Invest in a pack of good-quality hangers and the vignette will look straight out of a boutique.

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Use an Armoire or a Wardrobe

If you have room for a larger piece of furniture, an armoire or wardrobe is the perfect way to combine stylish decor with storage space. The terms armoire and wardrobe are used pretty interchangeably, but the piece of furniture is basically a standing closet. Usually, the piece will have a set of doors and the inside will be equipped with a rod to hang clothes on. Often there are shelves and drawers to store folded clothes. Wardrobes come in virtually every style, so you’ll have no problem finding one to match your decor.

Try a Storage Bench

Need more room to store folded clothes? Add a decorative ottoman or bench at the end of your bed that opens up to provide storage for bulky items like sweaters, jeans, or shoes. To keep it extra organized, consider filling the ottoman with clear stacking boxes so you can neatly lift out whole sections of items when you need them.

Upgrade Your Headboard

Switch out your headboard for a stylish and functional one. There are plenty of headboards that double as shelving systems, making use of wall space that would otherwise be without purpose. Options range from headboards that have open shelving, where you can display accessories you want to show off (add a trailing plant or two!), and closing drawers to stow away T-shirts and jeans. There are even headboards that have storage compartments on the side of the unit, like this one from IKEA.

Upgrade the Bed Frame 

If you want a more inconspicuous storage option, consider purchasing (or building!) a bed frame that offers pull-out drawers along its base. It’s similar to storing your clothes under your bed, but this way they’ll be more easily accessible via pull-out drawers (saving you from having to get on your hands and knees to pull boxes out from beneath the bed).

There are also lifted storage platform beds, which give you the opportunity to lift the entire mattress up and store items underneath. This is a great way to store items you don’t use all the time, like out-of-season clothing and luggage.

Do you have additional tips for how to store clothes without a closet? Share them below!

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