Recycled Wrought Iron Candle Holder Turned Into Planter

Rebekah Paul
by Rebekah Paul
Someone was throwing out this lovely wrought iron candle holder and I immediately envisioned it as a planter. I bought baby food and emptied out the jars (fed it to my dog and cats, they were happy!), soaked the labels to remove them, and filled them with dirt.
The plants are all cacti and succulents because I have it hung in a low light area where not many plants would survive.
Most of the holes were the right size for the baby food jars, but several were too small or too large. I used rubberbands to widen the jar for those holes that were too large (top left), and for a stronger resting spot against the glass, for those where the hole is slightly too small (bottom right).

The very top hole (see first photo) is even smaller than the others, where the jar would be too wobbly to rest on it even with a rubberband, so I have been working on cutting the hole open to make it work. If I were to start over I would have tested the hole sizes and brought it somewhere to be cut before I hung it.

If you like this project, keep your eyes open for a wrought iron candle holder at thrift stores, on Craigslist and eBay.
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