Add a few bright Blue Asiatic Poppies

Looking for garden drama? This blue beauty is the trick. A bit tough to start, but worth it! Get tutorial here

Plant a lush Hosta garden

Hostas are a favorite shade grower & why not? They're excellent ground cover for dark spots. Get tutorial here

Make a small pond surrounded by tall grasses

There's more to outdoor spaces than flowers and blooms - make a zen reflecting spot with a pond and grasses. Get tutorial here

Show off your shade plants with fun planters

Set a few of your leafy green shade growers in painted tires for an added pop of fun color. Get tutorial here

Set up a winding path or a cozy pergola

Add a path & pergola to enjoy. Where better to wander on a warm day than through your shady gardens? Get tutorial here

Add soft color with a Japanese Fern

This voluminous leafy plant grows fast and it will fill your shady spots in no time. Get tutorial here

Add some bright garden ornaments and decor

Glowing garden orbs, interesting fences, stunning seating - all of these will make a shade garden shine. Get tutorial here

Plant hardy "Cinderella Fairy Tale" Roses

Yes, roses! With the right care and love, your shady spots can be filled with delicate roses. Get tutorial here

Use a sunless spot for a bubbling fountain

Stack up terra cotta pots to create your own bubbling garden accent and add interest to a dull garden patch. Get tutorial here

Set down some elegant "Solomon's Seal" plants

These long stems and bell-like flowers can add much-needed height to your low shade garden. Get tutorial here

Brighten shady spots with Yellow Foxgloves

Who says your shade garden can't be bright and sunny? Put in some yellow foxgloves & voila! Get tutorial here