Transform A Birdbath Into A Fairy Garden

Spray paint, glue moss to the pizza pan, and add tiny fairy sculptures. Get tutorial here

Switch A Silver Plate Into A Wind Chime

Mark with a sharpie where you want the holes to be drilled on the plate, and thread chains through. Get tutorial here

Create A Magic Doorway From A Broken Table

Use clear silicone to save the damaged wood, stain the surface, and wrap in floral wire. Get tutorial here

Make A Light Shade Into A Birdbath

Adhere the gems on with clear silicone sealant and grout the marble shade. Get tutorial here

Repurpose Your Bike Into Garden Art

Wash down the rusted bike first and paint over the surface tiny acrylic paint flowers. Get tutorial here

Recreate A Clock Into A Garden Sunflower

Rub out the previous colors on the clock with sandpaper, and fill the center with tiger eyed beads. Get tutorial here

Repaint And Stain A Window

Begin with painting the frame of the window a bright blue and apply a primer top coat before you paint. Get tutorial here

Recycle Candy Tins Into Garden Containers

Simply wash out the container, and pot the plant with fresh soil. Get tutorial here

Flip A Bed Into A Bench

Put caulk in the seams of the wood and sand down with grit paper. Get tutorial here

Take A Shoe Stretcher And Make It A Marker

Remove the smaller bottom part of the stretcher, then brush on satin paint and label accordingly. Get tutorial here

Break CDs Into A Shining Birdbath

Smash your CDs into smaller pieces and adhere with liquid nails. Get tutorial here

Snip A Soda Can Into A Wind Spinner

Cut off the top part of the can, vertically cut around the can to make the blades, and drill into the center. Get tutorial here

Make A Bowl Into A Living Sculpture

Fold a piece of chicken wire around a bowl four times and fill in with moss. Get tutorial here

Break Spoons Into A Flower

Pop off the head of the spoons, hot glue to a paper plate, and paint any color you want. Get tutorial here

Transition Bottles Into Garden Markers

Clean out the bottle, paint on a label with chalk paint, and label accordingly. Get tutorial here