Rose Gold & Marble Clothing Rack on a Budget

Toni Sevdalis
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After moving out on my own, I quickly realized that my small condo was quickly becoming crowded with all my clothing, shoes and bags! Being a beauty and fashion blogger (@tonisevdalis), I am constantly buying new clothes and with the limited closet space, I had to find a different way to store all of my favourite pieces. Let's face it, classic storage racks are normally grey and boring so I was determined to turn mine from drab into fab!

I first searched Amazon for the best storage racks for me. Most importantly, I wanted something with both racks and shelved, while also being inexpensive. I decided to go the Whitemor Double Rod Closet. You can find different versions on Amazon at prices ranging from $40-$70.
For the next step, you can either spray all the pieces first and then assemble it like I did or you could assemble the storage unit and then spray it. I recommend the second option. Spraying all the pieces individually takes longer and makes assembly more difficult.
Take your pieces/storage unit into a well ventilated area and begin to coat it with an even layer of spray paint primer. This will guarantee that your spray paint will stick to the storage piece and help with even application.
Begin spray painting! You will get a better result if you do multiple thin layers rather than one thick one. This minimizes your chances of drip marks. Repeat until you have reached your desired colour and let dry. Most spray paints are fast drying and will dry in about 15-30 minutes. Assemble the storage unit if you sprayed each piece individually.
Decide which shelves are going to be covered in the marble sticky paper. This allows you to use the shelves to store high heels or other items that could slip through the cracks. Measure the marble paper to fit each shelf and leave about 1 inch of extra material on each size to fold over.
Fill your new closet with all of your favourite pieces!
Marble Mirror DIY:
I had an old mirror from IKEA that did not fit with my new condo aesthetic so I covered the black wood edges with the same marble sticky tape used in the storage unit. I am so obsessed with how this came out and it became my favourite piece in my new home!
Suggested materials:
  • The storage unit   (
  • Spray paint of your choice (I used metallic copper)   (
  • Spray paint primer   (
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  • Alyson Alyson on Aug 22, 2020

    This is so beautiful!!! I bought a couple racks on amazon last month but they are still in their boxes with the idea of potentially spraying them rose gold I am so happy to find your video to get a visual and such great tips so happy omg that it will work and turn out soooo nice

    looking, I’m sorry you had to find out some of your great tips out the hard way but really appreciate you and this video!!

    also loved the giant knife Lolol

  • Alyson Alyson on Aug 22, 2020

    p.s If you have to for any reason reapply your contact paper (I.e. hole from a heel or something) I like to get foam poster board from the dollar store to give it a bit of a sturdier feel just in case! Anyways soo cute!