How to Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Wrap Adorable Gifts

by Maddiy.martini
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I totally forgot to get Christmas/holiday wrapping paper and I had a holiday gift exchange. I had to get creative! I usually save tissue paper, so I had some tissue paper I could wrap my gift in.

While I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom, I saw my untouched scrunchie collection and an empty toilet paper roll.

Look how I wrapped this cute gift in two minutes, plus the recipient got a bonus scrunchie!

Using toilet roll tubes as gift wrap

Let me show you how I did this. It's the perfect way to add a fun hair tie to a secret Santa gift exchange.

Here is the gift. I got a cute necklace from Target:

Gift to wrap

Here are the supplies I used to wrap the gift. No tape or scissors needed:

Materials needed

Just need a toilet paper roll, one sheet of tissue paper, and a scrunchie.

Placing the gift inside the toilet paper tube

1. Place the gift in the toilet paper tube

First, I placed the gift in the toilet paper tube.

Placing the toilet roll tube on the tissue paper

2. Place the tube on tissue paper

Next, I lined it up centered on the tissue paper.

Bunching up the tissue paper at the end

3. Bunch up the end

Then I bunched it up until it looked cute and was tight enough for the scrunchie to go around.

How to use toilet roll tubes to wrap gifts

4. Add a scrunchie as the bow

The scrunchie makes a great bow, but would also be so cute in hair. You could do this with any color scrunchie for birthdays or other holidays! So glad I got my creative juices flowing on this one.

How to use toilet roll tubes to wrap gifts

Voila! It is so adorable and gives tissue paper and empty toilet paper rolls a new purpose.

This would be a great way to gift ornaments or jewelry. You could even do a paper towel roll and two scrunchies, one on each end.

Let me know what you think of this gift-wrapping hack in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tissue paper   (Target)
  • Scrunchie   (Amazon)
  • Toilet paper   (Target)
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