How to Make a Christmas Stocking Door Hanger in 3 Easy Steps

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

Discover a fun holiday project: turning fuzzy socks into Christmas stocking door hangers! Instead of the usual wreath, these cute decorations offer an alternative that is easy and budget-friendly.

They also make great gifts that can be enjoyed all winter! Follow these simple steps to create a festive and functional door hanger that spreads the holiday cheer.

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Stocking-style socks at Marshalls

I stopped by my local Marshalls today and I found these fuzzy socks or stockings. I think these would be the perfect way of creating something different than your typical Christmas wreath.

Cutting a length of jute twine

1. Attach jute to the stockings

So we're going to secure our two stockings together with some jute. Another thing you can use is some yarn if you have it. You can use chunky yarn, you could just use the leftover piece of rope. I'm just going to cut a length of this.

Tying the twine to the stockings

Tie the jute right to these little pom-poms. This way, you're not damaging the socks.

You can actually give this as a gift; your friends and family can display this on their door through the Christmas season and after that, you can remove the floral display and you'll have a pair of socks that you can wear all winter long!

Pine and berry spruces

2. Add spruces to the stockings

Now it's time to spruce these up, literally. There are so many different ways that you can enhance these.

We're going to take a few of these inexpensive pine sprays as well as these berries. The berries are covered in ice and glitter to kind of create that snowy look. First, simply remove the tags.

Cutting the zip tie

Fluff out the greenery by pulling apart each branch and opening up the berry branches. Place the spruces on top of each other, then take a zip tie and secure them. Snip off your zip tie.

Bending the ends of the stems upwards

Instead of cutting your stems, bend them upwards. When we add these stems, they're going to keep the stocking open.

Placing the stems inside the stockings

So now let's add these to the stockings.

You could add a bow to this, but I think by just having those pom poms hang, it looks really pretty. So now let's place this on our door for the grand reveal.

Attaching the door hangers with a command hook

3. Attach with a command hook

To hang this, what I've done is I've just taken a simple command strip. This is one of my most preferred methods of securing my designs. They're inexpensive and they do a great job of keeping things in place.

DIY stocking door hangers

DIY stocking door hangers

Here is the finished project. Look at how cute these turned out. This project was so incredibly easy and so incredibly inexpensive. All we really used was two pine sprays, two berry sprays, and a pair of socks to create this awesome door hanger.

You could also hang these from your trees. You could place these above your mantle. I also think this would be pretty going on your staircase.

So if you're sick of wreaths or you want something different to stand out, these might be the perfect idea that you can place on your door.

Let me know what you think of these DIY stocking door hangers in the comments below.

Nick Kreticos
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