3 Creative DIY Christmas Window Ideas For Your Holiday Decor

Transform your windows into enchanting holiday displays with these creative DIY Christmas window ideas.

From festive silhouettes to faux stained glass and wipeable stencil designs, you'll find a range of techniques to brighten up your home. Join us as we explore these holiday window decorations.

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Christmas window silhouette

1. Christmas window silhouette

This DIY Christmas window display project by Mitch Couch is a cute way to spread holiday cheer. Using foam boards and a few simple steps, you can create a magical scene that brightens up your window and impresses passersby.

By tracing, cutting, and attaching the shapes to the window, you'll bring festive silhouettes to life. Painting the back with dark colors ensures a stunning effect when fairy lights are added. This festive display adds a touch of magic to your holiday decor.

DIY stained glass windows

2. DIY stained glass windows

Create beautiful painted window decorations without the hassle of cleanup, following this tutorial by Bobbi Perreault. Using clear contact paper, sketch out your design inspired by nativity stained glass.

Apply electrical tape for leading, then trace the components with a marker. Stick the contact paper onto the window and begin painting with a mix of craft paints and clear acrylic medium.

For larger areas, use a brush to spread the paint. The finished window will dazzle both in daylight and at night, though adjustments to background shading might enhance the central composition.

DIY Christmas window stencil designs

3. Christmas window stencil designs

Unleash the potential of dry-erase markers on windows and mirrors for creative and practical uses with this guide

by Chas' Crazy Creations. Whether leaving messages or holiday decorations, these markers offer versatility beyond whiteboards.

Use a stencil taped to the surface and color it in with the dry-erase marker for an easy, wipeable design. Kids especially enjoy the freedom to draw and color on windows, providing hours of fun.

The best part? It all wipes clean when you're done.

DIY Christmas window ideas

Get creative and spread the festive cheer with these DIY window displays! Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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