How to Make DIY Fall Lanterns in 5 Simple & Creative Ways

Are you looking to add a warm glow to your home this autumn season? Then look no further than these DIY fall lanterns for inspiration.

In this roundup, we'll explore how to create stunning lanterns using scrap wood, pressed flowers, and even candle holders transformed into solar light masterpieces.

Whether you're hosting a garden party or simply seeking cozy ambiance, follow these DIY fall decor tutorials by our talented Hometalk creators to craft gorgeous lanterns that will illuminate your evenings in the most enchanting way.

Let's get started on these creative projects!

1. DIY tin can lanterns

In this DIY project by Amber Oliver, you'll discover how to turn ordinary tin cans into festive fall luminaries with just a few easy steps. With a variety of tin can sizes, you can create beautiful leaf designs or any other patterns you desire.

Clamp the cans securely to your table for safe drilling and choose a medium-sized drill bit to create the perfect balance of light and design. Once the holes are drilled, sand down any sharp edges, add a coat of spray paint, and place candles inside to create stunning tin can lanterns for your fall decor.

So, gather those old tin cans and let the crafting begin!

DIY scrap wood lanterns

2. DIY scrap wood lanterns

Create charming and budget-friendly DIY scrap wood lanterns to add a rustic touch to your fall decor, both indoors and outdoorsy following this tutorial by Morgan Nelson. Using scrap wood, cut the pieces to size, sand them, and assemble the lanterns with wood glue and nails.

Customize the lanterns with your preferred stain color and seal them for long-lasting use. These lanterns are not only a cost-effective project but also a versatile and elegant way to showcase candles or LED lights, perfect for creating a warm ambiance in any space.

DIY pressed flower lanterns

3. DIY pressed flower lanterns

Learn how to create stunning DIY hanging pressed flower lanterns for a budget-friendly and charming outdoor lighting solution perfect for weddings or summer garden parties. Chalking Up Success shows us how to press various flowers and leaves, then layer them onto a balloon covered with paper and glue.

Once dried, pop the balloon, add loops for hanging, and your beautiful lanterns are ready to be lit up with candles, creating a magical ambiance for your autumn evenings.

Solar light lamp

4. Solar light lamp

Next, Meredith - Arts & Classy demonstrates how to create a solar lantern for your front porch. Head to Dollar Tree and grab a vase and a pail. Cover the vase with frosted glass spray paint and glue it to the pail. Add ribbon to cover the seam, decorate with fall leaves and berries, and fill the vase with white rocks.

Separate a Dollar Tree solar light and insert the top into the rocks. Allow the light to charge for 8 hours, and you'll have a beautiful and cute decorative solar lantern for your porch.

5. DIY solar lanterns from candle holders

During a garage sale, Chas found various candle holders and decided to upcycle them into solar light creations. She painted a candelabra with Folk Art Treasure Gold and Copper, then inserted solar lights into the base.

Another set of candle holders were paired with glass lampshades, giving them a flower-like appearance when lit up. She also transformed a large candle holder by integrating three Walmart solar lights.

These solar lights can be displayed on her front porch and back patio, adding a warm and inviting ambiance to outdoor spaces this fall.

DIY fall candles and candle holders

For more illuminating fall decor ideas, take a look at the top light-up fall decor, DIY fall candles and DIY fall candle holder projects on Hometalk.

DIY fall lanterns

We hope you've enjoyed exploring these DIY fall lantern projects that offer a perfect blend of creativity, budget-friendliness, and charm. Let your imagination run wild as you customize these lanterns to suit your style and preferences. Try out these tutorials and add a personal touch to your fall decor. Happy crafting!

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