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This is a particularly great time to speak about how to add filler décor to lanterns seasonally. Because the seasons are going to be changing, this is the time we begin thinking about adding warmer touches to our homes.

The cooler temperatures that will be here soon makes a fun time to add some of my all time favorite pieces as filler décor for lanterns.

How I Updated My Lanterns To Lighten Them

So, now, let’s see how to add filler décor to lanterns seasonally. Also, I have a little extra something to share regarding my lanterns. It’s easy, fast and made a big difference to them.

Because it’s a quick and fast update I am going to share the change I made to my lanterns first. I hope that’s okay with you? Of course it is, who doesn’t enjoy a quick easy lantern update and adding filler décor seasonally.

Incidentally, these are from Pottery Barn and I have had them for years. I am telling you this because I have not been using these as much as I have hoped.. I had not been able to put my finger on the reason. why I didn’t use these And then I made a change with this challenge it came to me.

They need to be lighter and softer. So, how am I going to achieve lightening these?

Step 1

Updating The Lanterns To Use Seasonally With White Wax First, clean the dust off.

Next step, tape the glass using painters tape. Doing this allows the glass to stay clean. No need for clean up.

Step 2

Adding Miss Mustard Seed White Wax

Next, using Miss Mustard Seed white wax and a stencil brush I begin the layering process. Adding wax to a project is all about layering and buffing.

Here’s a snap of the smaller piece as I begin adding the wax. You may notice the lantern is a bit lighter. However, I did apply two coats of wax to these to get the look I am wanting to achieve.

After two coats of wax, and a bit of buffing with a lint free cloth they have a new look and match our décor better. Now these will be on display more often with seasonal fillers.

You may enjoy seeing a broken urn I fixed and transformed using this same technique. Again adding Miss Mustard Seed white wax. It’s amazing!

By the way, using waxes is a great way to make a change to many projects. Besides making a color change it will also add character and definition to painted projects. You may enjoy this project where I share paint and wax ideas. It’s a BIG transformation!

Step 3

Adding Filler Décor to Lanterns Seasonally

Now when adding filler décor to lanterns seasonally your imagination is the best. Anything that gives you joy will work inside for filler décor.

Because we are getting closer to my favorite time of year I am sharing one of my favorites of all time. I’ll give you a hint, they smell amazing and are easy to make. Okay, I’m slightly obsessed with them and that is dried orange slices. I can’t get enough of natural elements in our home especially during the cooler months. I share an easy way to make dried orange slices.

Above all, best thing about drying oranges is they can be used in so many ways.

Step 4

Ideas To Use Dried Oranges As Filler Décor

Dried Oranges for Filler Décor in Lanterns

Additionally, using dried oranges by adding them as filler décor to lanterns seasonally is not only pretty but the smell makes it even better. Trust me, you will smell this when walking by the dried orange slices and your guests will be wowed.

Besides using them as just filler décor by themselves, how about?

A Battery Operated Pillar Candle with Dried Orange Slices

Now, how about adding a battery operated pillar candle and sprinkling dried orange slices around the candle. It takes minutes and packs a punch in the home.

Step 5

More Ideas To Add Filler Décor To Lanterns Seasonally

Adding Walnuts In The Shell

Walnuts is another easy way to add filler to lanterns. They are available at any food store during the cooler months. By the way, inside the shells the walnuts last years so it’s cost effective.

Add Berry Baskets

Also, berry baskets add so much interest to filler décor inside the lanterns seasonally. Also having orange slices spilling over the side is fun. You can see how to make these easily at Cloches & Lavender

Step 6

Paint Walnuts For Lantern Filler Décor

Painting Walnuts Too

Painting the walnuts with craft paint is very easy and also looks festive and pretty. Also, adding small pinecones in the mix is a great combination too!

Step 7

Other Project Ideas To Make With Dried Orange Slices

First Project

Make A Garland Using Dried Orange Slices and Dried Fruit

By the way, I recently shared this post with steps to make an easy orange and fruit garland. It’s a great project for the entire family.

Second Project

Add Dried Oranges To Seasonal Décor

When visiting Cloches & Lavender you will see details how to add dried whole clementine and orange slices to your décor seasonally. This is a great way to add warmth and the scent of the dried orange slices and clementine is pretty.

Step 8

More Ways To Add Filler Décor To Lanterns For The Holidays

Besides the ideas I share above, there’s Christmas to consider too. The best part about adding dried orange slices, walnuts and pinecones, they work throughout the holiday season.

Here, I am going to share examples of how to make the switch easily by adding a few Christmas elements to the how to add filler décor to lanterns seasonally.

Add A Simple White Ceramic Crock

Here, I use an old advertising crock filled with silver plate and a bottle brush tree. However, if you don’t have a white crock you can purchase one inexpensively. These can also be found thrifting. And the best part is after the holidays simply use it as a utensil holder to hold cooking tools or add a fake plant.

As an example, my crock is brimming with pieces from my grandmother which is sentimental and adding a small tree is a great Christmas touch. These green trees can also be left up all winter.

Step 9

Inspiration For How To Add Filler Décor To Lanterns For Christmas and Winter

Use A Crown Around A Bottle Brush Tree

Adding a bottle brush tree makes this crown look like a tree skirt doesn’t it?

Add Pieces You Alreasdy Own And Are Sentimental

Be creative with pieces already in your home. For instance, my baby shoe is bronzed from my parents and holds a small bottle brush tree. Sentimental pieces add so much to a home. Pieces don’t always have to be purchased, I can’t say this enough use what you have and think outside the box when adding decor to lanterns seasonally.

Add A Tea Cup and Saucer

Don’t have one to use, you can purchase one inexpensively to add filler décor to lanterns. And use it for hot tea for the rest of the winter season.

What to add to the tea cup? How about a bottle brush tree. These are another obsession of mine. You can see some of my collection HERE.

Even More Filler Décor Ideas For Winter Months

Adding More Filler Décor to Lanterns After The Holiday Season

After the holidays, these dried orange slices are perfect because they work all winter long. You will continue enjoying the pretty scent as well as their beauty.

Step 10

Adding Filler Décor To Lanterns That Is Not Seasonal

Use Flower Pots As Filler Décor To Lanterns Seasonally

Using a flower pot with a battery operated candle is a great idea for the shorter days to add warmth. You can see how to make these flower pots at Cloches & Lavender an easy tutorial.

For an example, how to add filler décor to lanterns seasonally, can seem challenging but as I said above anything you love can be inside these.

Adding Books

For instance, books add a pretty touch to these especially books you find thrifting. Old books have tons of character and charm. I especially enjoy using books in the cooler months for added texture. Adding these as filler decor is a great option. Also, adding a small Florentine picture adds elegance.

A picture you enjoy fir instance can be added or an empty small frame.

Also, the smaller crowns on top of the books adds charm and whimsy.

Illustrated Below Is More Filler Décor Ideas For Lanterns

Adding Spindles or Architectural Pieces

Incidentally, I had bought spindles from a woodworking site inexpensively which you will find at Cloches & Lavender and made them look old to use in our home décor.

You can see how else I use these in my summer home tour and simple decorating ideas. By the way, during this tour you are able to see many rooms in our home and how I decorate.

Add Crowns of Various Sizes

Also adding crowns of various sizes with plates and books stacked. The crowns can be found thrifting or antiquing. Etsy is another great spot to find these. These also add a touch of whimsy to filler décor in lanterns.

How About Using Your White Crock For Decor With Your Lanterns

Using my crock and keeping it filled with the silverplate I add a small Florentine picture I have to keep things interesting. Again, use any small frame or a small picture you enjoy in your home.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to sign up to follow Cloches & Lavender

Also, the cost is based on you owning lanterns already. If you don't these can be found thrifting, Amazon or Walmart for great prices

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