Our Tree House/Deer Stand!

Shannon Tipton
by Shannon Tipton
Here is a post about our
Tree House/Deer Stand
PLEASE if you are against hunting, move on to another post. Unless you can just focus on the "Tree House" part...and not comment anything that hunters have not heard before...
Moving on...We wanted to build a Tree House for our daughter, Devin and have it function as a Deer stand too for my husband. (I do not hunt due to the fact I can not handle the cold weather)
We ordered the tree tabs (we needed 6) from Pete Nelson (from the show "Tree House Masters" on the animal planet channel) Awesome show, if you've never seen it, you should check it out, even if you're not into tree houses you can get some cool decorating ideas!

If you have ever wanted to build one, you can call them and ask for any advice! They were so helpful and even had several of the guys chime in with excitement and ideas! Wonderful group there!
Our first beginnings of the floor joist!
Coming along...
Starting on the roof!
Yep, that's me up there, pulling my weight
Oh, I forgot to show the window frame
The windows slant and open for easy access.
Finished it up with end cut cedar planks for the exterior.
We added a zip line off the tree house !

The kids love it!! Us adults do too, I won't lie!
Thanks for reading and have a productive day!
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