Hot Tub Ideas: 6 of Our Best Designs for Your Collection Boards

If you’re a hot tub aficionado, no doubt you keep related idea boards on Hometalk, Pinterest, and other such discovery, collection and storage sites. To help you cut down on your searches, today we’re offering 6 of our best designs.
As custom installers of both portable and in-ground vinyl and concrete spas, Long Island Hot Tub has been creating beautiful installations for some time — both for portable hot tubs and custom spas. Here’s just a few notes:
When you go custom!
If you have the means and space, a custom in-ground spa is often built at the same time as a pool and integrated with it, but it can also be separate. Indeed, some clients of ours want them to function separately because they want the spa to have its own controls.
The first photo showcases a custom spa — where there is no pool at all — with an attractive water feature to work with it.
The second photo highlights a custom spa/pool combo;
The third shows how landscaping can elevate a solo backyard spa into a resort-style oasis.
In-ground Spa with Waterfall:
A stream flows into a waterfall for added visual as well as for a waterfall massage. The water flows from a stream over boulders and plantings that make a very good retaining wall while at the same time providing privacy for the hot tub.
In-ground Spa and Pool:
Some of our clients say that their children are their backyard spa’s biggest fans. They invite friends over in the Fall, when everyone’s pool is shut down; they also ask for it to be turned on during summer evenings, when they feel a little chilly after several hours in the pool.

When building a pool and spa, you might want to be sure that you can operate your spa separately so it can be enjoyed in the cooler months. This spa is a vinyl spa which the younger ones (as well as adults) like for it’s soft feel.
Landscaping an In-ground Custom Spa:
We surrounded this custom spa with landscaping of star quality. We worked closely with The Deck and Patio Company’s Marc Wiener, ASLA, who carefully selected the proper plantings to create a perfect design. Skip Laurels, Leyland Cypress, and Cedars were used to create an attractive privacy screen. Texture and color were brought in to the buffering divider by incorporating flowering deciduous shrubs.

Now the second group: Making Portable Spas Appear Like Custom!

The next three photos are portable Bullfrog Spas that we installed to appear custom.
Adding Hot Tub to Existing Pool:
This customer at first wanted a custom concrete spa added to his existing pool. After learning a portable spa — with a custom installation — would be more cost-friendly, as well offer the hydrotherapy benefits and comfortable seating of Bullfrog Spas, he opted for the portable spa.

Note: The Bullfrog Spa (with interchangeable massage jets/JetPaks) was encased in a custom above-ground base, with a stone facade, to give the appearance the client was looking for. Special plumbing was added to create the dramatic sheet-falling waterfall flowing out from the spa. Above, a fire bowl drops its own waterfall into the spa. For more on this project:
Hot Tub Set-In-Garden Look:
This spa was set between a raised and lower patio. We added boulders and plantings to give it an attractive "set-in-garden" appearance.
Portable Spa With Custom In-ground Look:
Your spa doesn’t have to be an in-ground custom concrete or vinyl spa to appear so. We fitted a Bullfrog Spa in the ground next to a peaceful pond that one of our collaborative teams designed and built. If the peaceful pond doesn’t relax the clients, the hot tub certainly will.
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