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Let me begin by saying that I am no fan of the ghostly supernatural, the horror genre, or anything remotely scary. I am, however, a huge fan of Victorian style witch attire. When I make Halloween decorations, they are usually pumpkins or something vintage. This project was right up my alley.

I started with a safety cone from the $ store, a can of black spray paint, and some glitter. I took all of this outside, sprayed the cone black and after two coats, glittered it while the third coat was still wet. Don't skimp on the paint. It scratches off easily otherwise.

Please excuse my mess (I swear I clean up afterwards). The tin plate on a candleholder was made long ago and was just hanging around in my basement. This was more than a hat stand, it became the base for the hat.

Using wide, black mesh ribbon, I hot glued it around the perimeter of the plate, about 2" in from the edge. All the while, keeping it loose and full.

Once again, I was so engrossed in the project I forgot to take pics of a few steps, but I don't think you need photos here.

On top of the black mesh, I glued down a layer of orange mesh. It was set in about a half inch.

On top of that went a layer of glittery, black, fine mesh ribbon.

Next, the "hat" was glued down on the center of the plate.

Lastly, decorative, wired, satin ribbon was glued around the base, pleating as I went along.

To bridge the gap between the ribbon's edge and the cone, glittery black net tubing was applied with hot glue.

I used more tubing to decorate the cone.

This is the finished hat. It's almost elegant. Very simple and quick. My kind of project!

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Suggested materials:
  • Black Mesh Ribbon   (Dollar Tree)
  • Orange Mesh Ribbon   (Dollar Tree)
  • Glittery Black Fine Mesh Rib on   (Dollar Tree)
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