1. Viva Magenta

Pantone probably has the most well-known Color of the Year. Their choice influences everything from interior design to fashion. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, an exuberant, dramatic, and powerful statement color deriving from the red family.

Inspired by a marriage between technology and nature, Viva Magenta represents the strength and optimism needed for the year ahead, especially after the past few challenging years.

This hue packs quite a punch, so the best way to use it in your home decor is with a statement piece, like this upholstered chair. Jeanne transformed her dated wingback chair by painting it in a bright magenta shade to look like leather. Get tutorial here

2. Wild Wonder

On the other end of the spectrum, Dulux went with Wild Wonder for their 2023 Color of the Year. This calming neutral tone evokes warmth, softness, and positivity. Wild Wonder is best combined with soothing forest greens, vibrant wildflower hues, and rich browns.

One way to incorporate this shade into your home decor is by bringing the outdoors in. This striking DIY river rock bathroom counter creates an immersive natural experience. Those sandy tones feel warm and inviting, and the effect is stunning - definitely not plain beige! Get tutorial here

3. Redend Point

Speaking of beige, Sherwin-Williams also selected a neutral tone for their 2023 Color of the Year. If Wild Wonder lies more on the yellow-green end of the scale, then Redend Point is more on the pink-brown, reminiscent of pottery and natural clay. 

This versatile mauve blush shade works as a great base and can be paired with many other colors. But why not think outside the beige-colored box? In this project, white and beige are used to create a herringbone pattern accent wall that looks modern and elegant. Get tutorial here

4. Raspberry Blush

Next up is Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore. Lying somewhere between pink, peach, and coral, this charismatic hue feels floral, fruity, and fun! It’s definitely one to push you out of your comfort zone.

You could be daring and go for Raspberry Blush walls, but this shade also works well as an accent color. This chic rope basket DIY delicately dips into Raspberry Blush with an ombre effect, which feels warm and cozy when paired with neutrals and natural fibers. Get tutorial here

5. Blank Canvas

Is there anything more apt for the new year than a clean slate and a fresh start? That’s the inspiration behind Behr’s Color of the Year 2023: Blank Canvas. A barely-there off-white, Blank Canvas is all about renewal, finding your center, and getting creative.

A touch warmer than a true white, Blank Canvas can be used in pretty much any palette. Or, you could jump on one of the biggest home decor trends of 2023: all-white interiors

In this DIY project, Jake and Ali build their own cabinets, transforming their living space, and proving that white can still feel homey and inviting. Get tutorial here

6. Digital Lavender

Coloro + WGSN teamed up a few years ago to predict trending colors for the years ahead. For 2023, they picked Digital Lavender, a pastel purple not dissimilar to Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022: Very Peri. 

Digital Lavender is a color of contrasts. It’s bright and soothing, delicate and bold, energetic and serene. It feels futuristic and youthful, yet rooted in nature, such as in delicate lilacs and fragrant lavender. This diversity lends itself well to home decor, whether you’re looking for a pop of unexpected color or a calming palette.

In this DIY, Lizzi not only shows off a splash of purple in her hair color but also in a statement frame made using homegrown amethyst-inspired crystals. Get tutorial here

7. Emerald

Finally, we reach Hometalk’s pick for the year 2023, Emerald. This rich shade of green feels sophisticated and expensive, especially when paired with gold or brass accents and natural woods. 

You could start with a striking statement piece, such as an Emerald velvet chair or lamp, or delve in with Emerald walls for a moody and mysterious high-drama look.

We particularly like this Emerald pool noodle couch by Fashion Attack. Get tutorial here

8. Turmeric

Ok, so we couldn't resist a bonus color when we saw this sunny turmeric yellow. Katy of LaughCryDIY used natural products such as beets, turmeric, and Hibiscus to dye her pillow and cushion covers.

The winner was definitely the turmeric - adding warmth and sunshine to her bedroom. Get tutorial here