Repair Termite Hole in Hardwood Floor

Termites may be important for the ecosystem, but no homeowner would ever be happy finding these insects crawling around their home. These creatures are capable of causing great destruction to homes and of course, their favorite hardwood floors. Repairs of these damages can be quite costly. Fortunately, some termite damage to hardwood floors can be salvaged without replacing the hardwood.

Check out how we repaired this termite damage in hardwood floor without removing and replacing the whole board!
Step 1: Isolate the hole in the hardwood floor.
Step 2: Shape the filler piece of wood to fill the hole.    
Step 3: Install the filler wood piece and wait for the epoxy to dry.
Step 4: Shave the filler wood to be leveled with the hardwood floor.
Step 5: Add stain and grain marks to the filler wood piece.
Step 6: Wait for the wood stain to dry.
Finished! Where did the termite damaged hole in the hardwood go?

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  • Rosa Rodriguez Rosa Rodriguez on May 27, 2017
    How do I now now if turmite is oll gone there so small even if u use pest control
  • Deborah Thelen Deborah Thelen on May 28, 2017
    Could the same thing be done to fix a laminate floor?
  • Melissa Melissa on Jan 23, 2020

    I would like to know what kind of epoxy wood filler you used. Did you fill the hole then add the wood? Also, did you finish after staining with polyurethane?


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