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Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Up-cycling is a practice to transform unwanted materials into some useful products. For example, if you have old things lying in your house with no use, instead of throwing them, you can use them to create some creative and useful items for decoration or storage purpose. Doesn't that sound great? Not only you are creating something useful, but also utilizing the time and up-cycling the otherwise waste products.

In this craft tutorial, we will show you how you can transform your old CDs or mobile boxes in a beautiful hanging storage box.

Things Needed

  • Empty Cardboard Box
  • Old CDs
  • Glue Gun
  • Glitter sheet
  • Cutter/Scissors
  • Colourful beads
  • Decorative Stone Lace
  • Printed sheets (different colours of your choice)


Step 1: Start by taking an empty cardboard box (old mobile box). Cut the flap covers by using cutter or scissors.

Step 2: Take a printed sheet of your choice, and with the help of glue, stick it inside on the inner corners of the box for a neat and colourful appearance. Leave one side of the box as you will need to use it to fit the CD later on.

Step 3: Take a different printed sheet of your choice and stick it on the outer area of the box.

Step 4: Now take a CD and a glitter sheet and stick it on one side of the CD and cut the extra portion to give it the shape of the CD. Carve the hole in the middle.

Step 5: Now take stone lace beads and stick it on the border of the inner circle of the CD. Decorate it more with big pieces of beads around the smaller beads. Add one more layer of smaller stone lace beads to give it a lovely flower looking design.

Step 6: Stick stone lace beads to the outer corner of the CD in the circle and add more beads for decoration.

Step 7: Double fold a small stone lace and stick it behind the CD for the hanging purpose.

Step 8: Now place the bottom half of the CD between the printed sheet and the box wall at the side where you left the empty space. Before placing it, apply glue on the lower part of the CD so that it sticks well inside the space. Secure it well and ensure that it is placed well.

You can use this set as a wall hanging and storage to save any of your stuff such as cosmetics, pen holder, or simply be used as a wall hanging.

Isn’t this a both creative and productive way of using an old stuff at home without throwing it away. These are easy to make and takes very less time and can be decorated as per your choice or interest or accessory at home. Gift these organisers to your friends and family members by using their favouritecolours on printed sheets. Let us know if you tried making it at your home and share your experience and feedback. We would love to hear from you!

Suggested materials:
  • Old CD   (Home)
  • Cardboard Box   (Mobile Packaging)
  • Glitter Paper   (Stationary Shop)
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