Install laminate flooring with a wood texture

This only took three hours to do, and the results are amazing. Get tutorial here

Paint the grout to give your tile a new look

The white tile gave this bathroom floor a new life. Get tutorial here

Place some peel and stick high-end tiles

Update that linoleum floor with these easy and simple tiles. Get tutorial here

Get beautiful hardwood floors with plywood

With some stain and sanding, you can get this expensive looking floor. Get tutorial here

Get a cool pattern with vinyl flooring

These tiles are easy to peel and stick, and can get you a new floor for super cheap. Get tutorial here

Add some texture with paper floors

This fairly simple process hardly costs anything. Get tutorial here

Paint your dingy wood into beautiful tile

This painted floor transformed this room, and cost under $5 to do! Get tutorial here

Build your own hardwood tile

This takes a lot of effort, but if you want a unique wood floor, this is a great option. Get tutorial here

Get a tile look with some paint

The patio looks so high-end with this red paint. Get tutorial here