Bench Made From Old Found Bed Frame.

Jackie D
by Jackie D
Found the old bed frame, cleaned it up and new paint, a little added extras and there you have it one cute garden bench !
This the finished look and only cost little.
Most everything we had around the house, Bench on a dime !!
Notice the nice wood trim.
Had to clean and scrub it down, scrape off and sand a little.
Cut the bottom of the bed board in half to make sides.
Painted with paint we already had, cost 0 $
Made the seat frame out of out of old smaller fence boards we had. 0$
Also made the seat from old fence boards, dog eared tops used as trim on front. 0$

All done with a nail gun. A very handy tool.
Added some yellow for color contrast and the wood decal. Yellow paint 0$

Wood decal about $10.00 ?
This is where it goes, out front in my garden area.... Love it

Sits back behind the small bird house fence.
Glass door knobs final touch.
This was an add expense ( glass door knobs) but did find them on a clearance at Lowes, all 4 for about $ 15.00.... worth the expense.
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