Asked on Mar 06, 2013

Do plumbers also fix ceilings?

Donna S
by Donna S
I have a water leak that has come from our kid's toilet upstairs into our living room downstairs. Will a plumber fix the leak and the ceiling, or just the leak? Also, what am I looking at paying for this? I need to set it aside.
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  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Mar 06, 2013
    The only way to get both things done by the same person is to find a handyman type person that will do both. Plumbers will only fix the leak.
  • Typically a plumber will only fix the plumbing issue, however a reputable plumber should have resources to someone in your area who can do the repairs.
  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on Mar 06, 2013
    If the ceiling isn't bubbled and it does not appear to be, you can take care of the ceiling repair simply by using Kilz to block the stain. You may have to work with the color of paint to match the original ceiling as they aren't painted when they are textured. You will want to use as little paint as possible as if you use too much paint on a textured ceiling, it will pull on the delicate nature of the texture treatment and it may start to fall off. If a small piece comes off, you can put some paint on the back of it and use the paint as an adhesive to replace same. However, if you are not wishing to attempt the repair and the leak is not a major one, I agree with Mary that a handyman type service would be your best call. Too far to send one of my sons. Sorry.
  • Donna S Donna S on Mar 06, 2013
    But wouldn't the handyman (it looks like this may be the best way to go) have to get in to the floor/ceiling to fix the pipe?
  • It appears that this leak has been going on for a few days before it was discovered. While a handyman/woman can simply patch, prime and paint. I would highly suggest that the offended area be removed. It is very likely that mold has developed behind those stains. Mold only needs 24 hrs to begin to develop. And based upon the stain it has been far longer then that. The concern is not so much that the mold will come through the ceiling but that it will make its way into the air stream by the ceiling grill that is located near by. To answer your question, most plumbers will not make this repair, and some will. But you want someone who can replicate the current ceiling texture and I doubt most plumbers will be able to do that. Besides their hourly rate is much higher then that of a handy person or painter would charge for this repair.
  • L L on Apr 06, 2013
    I would recommend ceiling removal as well, if it is coming from the toilet drain, it is considered raw sewage and highly contaminated with bacteria. I would contact a company like Servpro, they can usually do the plumbing repair, and ceiling repair, plus make sure the area is properly treated for sewage and possible mold.
  • Linda Linda on Nov 20, 2014
    Depending on how long you have had that leak, you may have rotting wood as well. For an upstairs problem like this one, I would calla plumber ASAP, you don't want their bathroom come falling through to the downstairs. The plumber "might" be able to tell you if there is any rotting wood or not once he gets to the leak. IF there is rotting going on then you would want to get a good handy man to repair it. Just make sure the plumber shows you what is or isn't going on at the site of the water damage. This is the seconds upstairs bathroom water leak I have seen on the same Hometalk page. I just decided I don't want a two story anymore! Good Luck!
  • Pamrwilson Pamrwilson on Aug 25, 2016
    I have a stain from a roof leak (repaired)in an upstairs bedroom that looks just like yours. I have been told to spray a low percent (5-10% maybe?) of bleach and water(filtered or bottled) by two handymen. Be careful not to get any bleach water on anything else. Suppose to work? I have not tried yet. Let me know if you try it and it works?